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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
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Aug 22, 2007

it was amazing
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Recommended for: those with an open mind, philosophers, physicists.
Read in August, 2007

I wasn't interested in reading this book. I thought from the reviews of friends that it was pretty obvious stuff. However, I listened to the audio version. I sort of laughed at first and thought, "duh". I promised to listen to the whole book on CD, and as I listened, the connections between what the author is trying to communicate, and what many world religions try to communicate is huge. I am not a religious person. I found this book inspiring because I wasn't being told that God created the universe and that if I pray to Jesus that HE will take care of me. Finally, I was getting a confirmation that if I live a positive life, and if I really attempt to understand the connection between why I am here, and why the world is here, then I can live a better life. There are even segments of the book that answered all of my cynical questions such as, "then just focus all your thoughts on getting revenge to those you hate", "I didn't give myself this disease", and "I am a victim". Many folks think the whole book is bunk because it gives an air of personal responsibility, and I can see why they would hate that. It's so much easier to blame others. There are parts that I think are simplistic. But who says life has to be all that complicated? Why not try living this secret to life for a year and see what's possible?
I highly reccommend LISTENING to this book. I think I would have a hard time reading it.
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Sarah Adal I agree with your comments.
The more I tried these ideas, the more positive the outcome was.
I also watched the movie and I was not impressed. The audiobook is the way to go.

Gerardo Emernegildo I complete agree with u because as soon I start to read that book, I start to thing all positives thinks in my life. It's work. Everything I want in my life I just thing I already have and acting as I have and than. Happen. I can't wait to finish ready that book.

message 3: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Walcott YES The CDs Is the Best !!!! I realized that I've been using the secret through out my life.

message 4: by Sayed (new)

Sayed Sayed U r right.

Kiki Bolling i watched the dvd and read the book. TOTALLY enjoyed BOTH!!! i completely agree with your reveiw of the book in that it gives the reader a sense of spirituality without JESUUUUUUUSSSS- ing you to death. I liked it. too bad theres so many negative reviews

Marie Bretin Wow! Couldn't have said it better myself.

Bryan S I am a teacher of the positive living and life. And we say to all if toylike it embrace it if not let it go.. As you read or watch it says very clearly that your being introduced to it. If you want it you must study the great ones...

message 8: by Anne (new) - added it

Anne Santostefano I find that most people who criticize the secret books are those who love to complain. I know several people, one in particular that seems to enjoy complaining and having no gratitude. The type that if they won a lottery of several million dollars, they would complain that taxes were taken out of it instead of being so grateful they had millions they would have never had. The type that for every positive in their life, they will chose whatever trivial, petty negative to focus on and talk about. Those types of people hate these books.

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message 11: by Jason (new) - rated it 1 star

Jason I thought and thought of how I already had a time machine and I created gratitude in my mind for the time machine and then, all of sudden, there was a time machine in my living room.

message 12: by Lora (new)

Lora Christine I agree with your posts and everyone else who agrees with it! A story is a story, but the message is 100% true, like attracts like. You don't strive to become a bad person, but negativity and complaining and hostility will get you there. On the better side, living a life of joy and gratitude will bring you more abundance than you've ever dreamed. Those who criticize or don't believe will live their live never wanting to understand therefore never know the magic behind the Law of Attraction. The lucky ones see the world differently and live the life they dream of :)

Wicky No. north pole attracts south pole. likes actually attracts unlike.

message 14: by Chris (new) - rated it 1 star

Chris Peterson I was going to say you're not a physicist and don't recommend this book to physicists, but as someone currently getting a degree in physics it doesn't matter. Any physicist wouldn't bother reading it anyway, with or without your uneducated recommendation. You know how I know you're not a physicist?
Because the basic tenets of this book violate the laws of physics. And forget about the observer effect, it has nothing to do with consciousness. It has to do with measurement, and when you measure something so small you necessarily interact with it. If you haven't taken a class in quantum mechanics, you shouldn't try to apply it to philosophies that have nothing to do with it; even the best physicists in the world wouldn't claim they understand it well enough to talk about the philosophical implications, so you and I surely don't.

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