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Midnight Alias by Elle Kennedy
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Review posted: Happily Ever After - Reads
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How much can one heroine take?! Olivia is faced with trying to finish school, taking care of her mom who’s in remission from cancer for the third time, paying all their bills with no medical insurance and working. To make ends meet, she’s secretly working at a strip club that her friend hooked her up with and she hates it. The money’s good and she’s saving every penny she has so once she graduates in one semester she can flee the city with her mom. Yup, flee – turns out her boss at the strip club is a mobster, sleazebag and he has Olivia right where he wants her. After she was attacked one night when leaving the club, she killed her attacker, but when she woke up at the hospital it was to find out that Vince got rid of the body, paid off all her bills and claimed her as his. She played the virgin card to stay out of his bed telling him that she wanted to wait and so it’s special for them, and it’s given her some time for now. But this guy is one crazy psycho who’s in deep with the mob and using his strip club as a front for drugs. Enter Luke and his team. They’ve been hired to find out if a DEA agent, working undercover to get information on the drugs running through Vince’s club, has been killed, if he’s still undercover or if he’s turned into a double agent. Luke’s been tasked with staking out the club to find out what’s going on. He sees Olivia on stage and wants her. When he finds out that she’s Vince’s “girlfriend” his team leader wants to use her to get information that only she can, being close to Vince. But Luke’s worried about the danger she’ll put herself in and they make a deal: Luke’s team will help her and mom escape if she helps them get information on Vince. Things don’t go smoothly.

Olivia is very likable and I found myself wanting something good to finally happen for this woman. She’s forced to endure Vince and his dangerous personality, so when she’s meets Luke, he’s almost too good to be true. Olivia craves stability and a normal that she wants in her life, a husband who’s home every night, someone not chasing danger. She has issues coming from her dad that make her believe that “normal” will make her happy. Luke does his best to make her believe that a life with him, even with his unconventional job, would be worth the risk. Elle Kennedy brings the sexy with these two characters. They have some steamy love scenes and their romance made for a nice balance with the death and suspense going on around them. I’m not sure I buy in to their love declarations, as not much time passes during the story, but I’m overlooking it because they were such a great couple to get to know.

There is a wide range of supporting characters that play strong roles in Midnight Alias. I’m already intrigued by most everyone especially a charming Aussie and a really broody operative nicknamed D, who’s dealing with an obvious tragedy in his past and I need to know what his story is. The primary supporting storyline went to Trevor and Isobel, and it’s a build up for their book, up next. Trevor is an operative like Luke, Isobel works for a female assassin and they do have a history together going into Midnight Alias that I assume takes place in book one of this series, which I haven’t read yet. The books read fine as stand alones so I don’t feel like I missed too much, but Trevor and Isobel were just starting to be open to a possible relationship when a promise Isobel made to help someone doesn’t happen, the repercussions hit her hard and she runs away; from her life, from Trevor and it’s a nice little cliffhanger for them that will lead well into their book - I can’t wait.

I did get a little frustrated with Luke's team though. They made it very clear they were only there to find out information about the DEA agent. When discoveries were made about what Vince was doing to the girls who work for him, Olivia wants him stopped so he can't hurt them anymore, but the guys aren't willing to jump right in. I wanted to yell at them to do the right thing and help these girls, but they were dead set on only doing their assigned mission. Thankfully, missions are meant to be changed, so things on that front worked out in the end.

I love to hate a really bad guy and Vince fits that bill. He’s so ruthless, he uses the girls in his club in horrible ways and if they cross him or dare speak up, they’re dead. There’s death, murders, suicides – don’t get too attached to anyone you meet. The deaths worked with the situations happening in the book, but it did get to a point at the end where I thought not another death, no not her! Not him too! I didn’t want to connect to anyone outside the leads for fear that they’d be dead by book’s end.

Midnight Alias is a great mix of romance, with a sexy alpha hero, strong heroine with the weight of the world on her shoulders, and a creepy bad guy that I couldn’t wait to see get his in the end. There’s a strong set up for the next book with characters that I’m already invested in and I can’t wait to see what Kennedy brings us next.
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