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it was amazing
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If you’re reading this review (and let’s face it, I hope you are), you probably have a few details you’re trying to get straight in your mind. Hopefully, my review and I will have answered these matters by the end, if not before. First, I realize I’m rather far removed from the intended audience. That’s okay: I’ve discovered I’m rather good at coloring outside the lines. Second, I rated RELEASE ME five stars. What the heck? Again, I’ll direct you to my previous statement, and I’ll add that this book is really good. Have you ever found yourself reading exactly the right book at exactly the right time you needed to read it? Almost like destiny brought you two together. Cue the sappy romance music now, you might say, and you’re probably right. But that’s what this book felt like for me: a guy and a gal locking eyes from across the room, the physical attraction strong enough that nothing else and no one else seems to matter. In many respects, that’s what this book was for me: chemistry strong enough that it could have melted an iceberg. Is there a lot of sex? Actually, there’s not as much as I expected. But I’m a guy, and I have high expectations in these matters. Their first sexual encounter, though, involved four different acts of copulation, so naturally, I wondered if there were prescription drugs involved, and yeah, it might have strained disbelief for me, but it didn’t delve so far out of reality that I believed it wasn’t possible, or have a certain amount of hope, for that matter. After all, I do read mainly for entertainment, and this book certainly served that purpose by leaps and bounds. Oh yes, I was entertained. Probably more than I should have been. Yes, it might be slightly exaggerated, but guys really do think about sex every four minutes or so, and when there’s an attractive woman across the room that time might be cut in half.

So what about the book, you knucklehead? Well, I should probably get this out of the way right now. I am a contemporary erotica virgin, and therefore, I have no basis for what I’m about to say other than my love of reading and this includes anything from mysteries to horror to romances and just about anything in between. But I can tell you that the relationship seemed real to me. It didn’t seem forced, and yes, I was totally into it. I was buying it like hundred dollar lap dances, and I did it with a stupid grin on my face. Nikki Fairchild and Damien Stark seemed as real to me as the dampness that hangs in the air after a hard rain in the middle of the desert. Nothing about their relationship or the writing or even the sex seemed off the mark. It was beautiful, sensual, and hot enough to make me feel as though I needed my own personal fan. The pages turned with surprising ease as I became more and more involved in the characters, their relationship, and the little obstacles that managed to cause them to stumble. Nikki and Damien had strength, purpose, and enough dimensions to make my head spin. Sure, they’re both emotionally damaged, scarred, and have plenty of baggage like an airport carousel, but who doesn’t? Nikki had a flippancy that I found rather amusing and certainly enjoyable. Heck, all of it was enjoyable, even the ending that sets itself up nicely for CLAIM ME, the second book in the trilogy, that doesn’t come out until July 2. Yeah, my patience will be strained, but I don’t mind waiting for the things I want. And no, I didn’t feel the ending was forced, or even a real cliffhanger for that matter. Like the rest of the writing, it seemed to fit as well as a catcher’s mitt.

I should also mention that RELEASE ME could have been a cheap imitation of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and probably sold a half million copies without even blinking a false eyelash. But it wasn’t. And that’s what I enjoyed as much as the writing itself. Ms. Kenner took a chance with this novel by delving into a genre already filled with imitations and knockoffs, and she said screw it, I’m paving my own path. If I had a fedora handy, I’d certainly tip it in her direction.
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Theresa Ann Uh, yep. That's why I stopped. the FIVE STARS. My cousin recommended this book because I do like a good erotica book every now and then. And I was just about to check out whether or not the whole series was available or if I would have to wait, etc. and I saw you plant FIVE STARS on it. Like the review definitely. But if it had that kind of effect on anybody really, it should be on my To-Read list. Five stars to YOU!!!

Robert Theresa Ann wrote: "Uh, yep. That's why I stopped. the FIVE STARS. My cousin recommended this book because I do like a good erotica book every now and then. And I was just about to check out whether or not the whole..."

Thanks Theresa! I wish I could say the same about the rest of the trilogy, but yeah, it certainly started off with a bang.

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