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Spoilers are likely, so if that isn't your thing, feel free to ignore this review entirely.

I should’ve put this book down and spared myself a headache. While I didn’t hate it, I certainly didn’t love it, either. Actually, I take that back. It was pretty awful.

Where to start with this mess? I cannot begin to explain how ridiculously annoying it is when a character laughs with almost everything they say, as if every word out of their mouth is funny enough to warrant a laugh. Not to mention the fact that, in this case, it was used as a dialogue tag. That’s amateur writing at its finest. “Laughed” isn’t a dialogue tag. It’s an action tag. This means that it should be punctuated differently. You can’t speak an action. A period is needed as a separator between the action and the dialogue, not a comma.

While I had many issues with this book, the biggest annoyance for me was Emily herself. The girl was a martyr to the extreme. I don’t care how much Dillon, her boyfriend, did for her in the past. That doesn’t give him free rein to treat her like crap. She allowed him to treat her this way, even making excuses for herself by claiming that she didn’t have anyone from her past with whom to compare his behavior. I understand she took care of her mom while she was sick, but she’s a 24-year-old woman. I find it hard to believe that she never dated, not once before her mom got sick since, you know, everyone in the book couldn’t shut up about how beautiful she was. All that aside, I thought she was a weak, spineless woman who couldn’t seem to function without a man to take care of her. Dillon manipulated her at every turn because she allowed it. She wasn’t blind to his many faults because she was naïve. She was blind because she refused to accept what was right in front of her face. Everyone could see Dillon for who he truly was, everyone but her. She accepted every excuse he threw at her. If only the same applied for Gavin. She wouldn’t even give him the courtesy of allowing him to explain himself to her.

Dillon was possessive, controlling, and manipulative. I didn't understand what Emily saw in him. I didn't find him all that appealing, not even before he started showing his true colors. He had d-bag written all over him.

“So you went swimming I see,” Dillon remarked, peeling the shirt from his body as he and Emily entered their room. Closing the door behind him, he shed the rest of his clothing and tossed them into a pile.

“Very good observation,” she laughed.

Dillon walked into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and got in. “I hope you kept the body that belongs to me covered up around my friend,” he called out.


“You’re not answering me, Emily. Did you cover yourself up?”

Walking into the bathroom, she let out a frustrated sigh. “Dillon, what do you see right now?” she asked, motioning her hand over her body, her voice a touch irritated by his question. It was clear to her that she wasn’t baring too much skin.

“What do I see right now? I see my hot girlfriend’s ass hanging out from beneath her college T-shirt. So why don’t you get in the shower and give your man what he needs?”

That’s a great boyfriend she’s got there. Good Lord, did he expect her to go swimming fully clothed? I’m surprised he didn’t lock her away in his room the whole time to prevent anyone from looking at his property. That’s exactly how he treats her—like an object he owns.

Later on, Emily’s reaction to that particular scene made me rage.

After downing a shot of tequila, a slight pang of guilt for not giving Dillon the little he had asked from her hit the pit of her stomach. He’d emotionally taken care of her through the most difficult time in her life, constantly complimented her on a daily basis—whether it be about her physical or educational attributes—and made her want for nothing financially. Sex in someone’s home—be it crowded or not—shouldn’t have been an issue in her mind.

She actually felt guilty for turning him down for sex. This girl isn’t emotionally mature enough to be in a relationship at all, let alone with someone who so easily manipulates her.

Olivia, Emily’s friend, said it best:

“First, you need to stop feeling like you’re completely indebted to Dumbass, Emily. He did what any good boyfriend would’ve done. Nothing special.”

Between Dillon and Gavin, the obvious choice is Gavin, but he’s certainly nothing special to write home about. Sadly, he just didn’t do it for me. I mean, sure, he was sweet and all, but after a while, I just felt sorry for him. He was kind of pathetic, if I’m being honest, letting Emily walk all over him and play her little games. He went on and on about the connection he had with Emily, how she was meant to be his, yet had no problem lying to her face on Dillon’s behalf. To his credit, he did eventually come clean, but, by that point, I was over his cowardice. He talked a big game, but that was about it—all talk, no action. I didn’t understand why he and Dillon were even friends. I wouldn’t even call what they had a real friendship. He more or less tolerated Dillon for reasons unknown. I don’t know why Gavin put up with Dillon. I don’t know why he did a lot of the things he did.

Overall, I felt that the characters weren’t fully developed. I couldn’t really connect with them. Then again, maybe it’s because I have very little patience for stupidity, and these characters were beyond stupid—every last one of them.

I found the book as a whole to be somewhat boring, and by somewhat I mean completely. It was melodramatic, predictable, and overly long and wordy. The plot relied too heavily on contrived miscommunication and misunderstandings. Basically, it was angst for the sake of angst. It had potential, but fell short on delivery.

One last thing: At first glance, I thought the couple on the book cover was two women. The guy’s arm doesn't look very manly.

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Valerie truth !

message 2: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa I'm glad someone finally mentioned his arm on the cover. Looks like a scrawny teenager IMO.

Miss H That works too. It's all kinds of awkward.

Hugholine Yes, yes, and yes to everything you said in your review. I can't believe I read such a long-ass book that contained such a small amount of story. A story that is not even finished yet. I'll have forgotten about it long before the sequel comes out, fortunately.

TinaNicole ☠ Le Book Nikita ☠ THANK YOU!! I could not believe all the high reviews for this. I mentioned in my comments in that 1st sex scene with Dillon that there were way too many adjectives & descriptors. Then how everything was supposed to be funny but I kept scratching my head thinking I missed something! It felt like someone trying to use big words but not really understanding what they mean. For example when they're playing cards he says...
"I hold fear at bay for a minuscule amount of things in life, calling your bluff is not one of them"
So pretty much he's saying that there's almost nothing in life he's NOT afraid of and he IS scared of calling her bluff. I get what she meant but its not what she writes. There were so many of these I just gave up & stopped taking notes. I also found him more corny than appealing. And she was definately the poster girl for a TSTL heroine.

message 6: by Nina (new)

Nina This is just like Thoughtless, right?! I HATED that book and your review pretty much says it all for me about that one, so no chance in HELL I'll be reading THIS one. :)

Virginia There are no words to fully express how much I can't stand Emily. I'm not a feminist but oh my god! she sets feminism back 60 years or more. She justified everything Dillon did and said and it was just ridiculous! I agree with everything you said about her. She was a major issue for me in this book. I mean, her mom was supposedly this wonderful independent woman, a single mom who raised 2 children on her own and yet emily was so weak and completely dependant on Dillon for everything! she even relied on him to get her a job!(less)

message 8: by Sunshine (last edited Feb 26, 2013 02:24PM) (new) - added it

Sunshine So far I agree with everything you've said! I am currently 68% through this book and if I didn't love my Kindle I would be throwing it repeatedly against the wall! Emily is the type of female character I loathe.

message 9: by Jules (new) - added it

Jules I applaud your review. I'm still pissed off that I stayed up to finish the book.

message 10: by iam (new)

iam Love your review... from the overuse of "laugh" to the Ewan McGregor image. I like your review so much, I tried to read others, but your profile is set to private. Ping me if you want to be friends. It would be my pleasure. :)

message 11: by Rianna (new)

Rianna @Nina, This book was nothing like Thoughtless. In Thoughtless, you could understand Keira's confliction because Denny was such a good boyfriend. In this, Emily was pathetic to stay with a cheating, manipulative alcoholic for the ENTIRE book. It made me want to tear my hair out. Completely agree with the review though, Emily was a martyr and didn't deserve either guy. I desperately wanted her to fight for Gavin at the end instead of him begging for her like he was constantly doing, unfortunately this was not to be. Won't bother with the sequel.

message 12: by Wen (new) - rated it 2 stars

Wen Your review said everything I wanted but I am not that good with expressing my thoughts. Right on the stupidity of the chatacters, tge weakness of Emily And the whining of Gavin. Gavin seemed pathetic and felt like he was always begging for attention . I did not feel the connection with the story. It annoys me the book had potential and the author ruined it!

Christine yup you nailed it! haven't finished yet but omg so disappointed I have been waiting for months finally read this and pulse and not feeling it at all!

message 14: by Britt (new) - rated it 1 star

Britt And now I am pissed that I just bought both this book and the sequel. This sounds worse than Thoughtless.

Miss H Brittney wrote: "And now I am pissed that I just bought both this book and the sequel. This sounds worse than Thoughtless."

I haven't read Thoughtless (not sure I want to), but yeah. Collide was pretty painful. I refuse to read the sequel. I learned my lesson after reading this one.

Normis Thank you! your review couldn't have said what I was feeling about Emily's character better.

Rongrong I should have believed you!!!!

message 18: by Ramisha (new)

Ramisha I hate stupid girls so good to know. That's why I couldn't stomach 50 shades no matter how much my friend insisted I finish it.

Terri  This book is awful. I didn't hate Thoughtless....kinda liked it.

Devon The whole time I read this review I was like yes, yes, & yes. Everything I felt, you said.This book got high ratings and was a best seller and I just felt like I was missing something the whole time. I actually felt guilty upon finishing this that instead of feeling sympathy for Emily because she's in a confusing, abusive relationship, I just felt mad. I honestly almost put the book down the last 1/4 of it because her actions pissed me off that bad. I understand that not every story can have strong characters due to the situation but her character is so weak and naive that it just hurts to read.What really kills me is that at one point, she has the out. She's broken up with Dillon & Gavin is there and she refuses to listen to him almost on principle that she feels like she has the right to be hurt and indignant.

Michelle Michaels OMG. YES. I just wrote a review very similiar to this. I am SO happy that someone else was so infuriated with Emily's weakness and complete idiocy...I really could not stand it! I was getting so heated reading how she kept taking Dillon back and not thinking twice about it...it annoyed the crap out of me how she had no back bone and let him get away with wahtever and believed everything he said YET WOULDNT LET GAVIN EXPLAIN HIMSELF ABOUT GINA

UGH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU now I dont feel crazy!

message 22: by A. (new)

A. Beloup I think... you just saved me the headache
I cant stand weak women.
I'll tolerate naive for a bit before I give up.
Thank you for the heads up. I wont be wasting my time on a book id force myself to finish because I paid for it.
Hate doing that

message 23: by Dc (new) - rated it 1 star

Dc one word: JUNK
Infuriating is right: Who is a woman like this in the 21st century

Fatima Zaidi I think i want to be you best buddy over the fact that you gave this book a single star! Just makes me giddy after seeing all those 5 stars reviews. For a moment i felt insecure

Fatima Zaidi I think i want to be you best buddy over the fact that you gave this book a single star! Just makes me giddy after seeing all those 5 stars reviews. For a moment i felt insecure

Fatima Zaidi I think i fell in love with you after reading this review.. Wow

message 27: by Tanja (new) - rated it 1 star

Tanja Blazic completely agree. I find this book so annoying and somewhat disturbing.

message 28: by Maya (new)

Maya M Really badly written

Jacqueline McFaddin My words exactly

message 30: by Muneebah (new)

Muneebah Yunus After reading your review, I'm literally deleting it from my library because I don't want to read something that pretty much sums up to utter crap! Thanks for the review! I know now not to read! Xx

message 31: by Prakiti (new)

Prakiti Bhattacharjee Very true. A womencan contemplate the real man in her life... In case of Emily... She cannot figure out Dillon being a jerk... Yet she wants to get married after knowing... Its awful showing her tossing her self from Gavin and Dillon... It would had been pretty cool... If she took break from both of them at that state of mind... I hate Emily charecter

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