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My Fair Temptress by Christina Dodd
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Mar 12, 2009

Read in December, 2008

The latest of her books I read, knowing it was already from the bad final phase. The advantage of having no plot - the flirting is even less than the blurb says, and the espionage is peripheral - is that there is less of a mess than e.g. in "Greatest Lover". With the exception of two pronoun confusions and a scene happening after they said it had already happened, this is more clearly structured than Greatest Lover, her messiest book ever.
That might also be because it ends with a major cliff-hanger, like Barefoot Princess, a deplorable bad habit I know from Quinn and only to be expected in these genre series today, except this brother I never cared about. Jude himself would have been more to my taste if he'd been less huge and massive underneath the very thin veneer of bad clothes. Apart from his handkerchief waving his masquerade also just wasn't there, since we were told about it from the start, so no pleasant unmasking of the virile man beneath occured.
There was no "testing her temperature" this time (a mistake that proves Dodd never edited Greatest Lover) but there were "man nipples" *groanlaugh* so while gays are still verboten, lesbians are actually briefly appearing in this. Also there is no nipple licking but much female taking pleasure in a male, so while the whole book is the expected disappointment, her putting her mouth on him and generally being more visible was very nice.
Unlike her managing to get out of her corset when it suited the "plot", which Dodd knows all about in her good novels, but here there were many convenient flauntings of realism and historicism.
I actually didn't want to talk about all that at length because even with the stupid "plot" being unimportant and the sex scene being unconventional like in Governess vol. 2, there was still no feeling there for me, no genuine discovery or getting closer, not even that affection for her hero she was able to wrest from me, I'm sure. (If only he'd been a fop! My hopes are with Lady Pheodora now, my favourite side character, and maybe the stupid one, since Dodd seems to follow Chase).

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