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Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz
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Mar 11, 2009

really liked it
Read in March, 2009

Isla was going to get this, but she was equivocating, so I knocked her over and took it. I have read a lot of Dean Koontz! Back when he was Dean R. Koontz. According to Wikipedia, in 1992, when I was thirteen, I had read every book he'd published under his own name- which was, what, like, a dozen or so? I used to get them from the library and read them at other kids' little league games... which sounds a little nerdy, in retrospect.

Anyway, I loved 'em! I was a little nerdy serious kid like "Mom, what does 'hermaphrodite' mean?" "Mom, what's 'clapboard?'" "Mom! He can just see PIG MONSTERS through people's FACES!" I guess it kind of makes sense, given that I've grown up a little and now I'm like, "Alex! She shot a MOTORCYLE at the monster and then SHOT THE MOTORCYCLE and it BLEW UP THE MOTORCYCLE *AND* THE MONSTER!"

Not that Alex is my mom, y'know. Just that she tends to be nearby when I'm excited.

So yeah, Odd Thomas. I think I stopped reading Dean Koontz before high school? Maybe around high school time? I think what happened was, I read the Catcher in the Rye and decided that genre fiction was for stupid babies. Which is wrong! But what did I know, I was a thirteen-year-old who'd only ever read Dean R. Koontz and Lois Duncan.

I remember Mr Koontz's books being more horrory and less suspensey, but I think I was wrong. I mean, this one had ghost monsters and Satanists and stuff, but it was much more about suspense than about awesome explosions or anything. ALSO Alex has been reading Janet Evanovich lately, and she tells me things that happen in Janet Evanovich novels (like "she told her mom she could play the cello but she was lying!" and, um, "She got in a fight with an ocelot," or something, I don't remember) and there were definitely clunker lines in Odd Thomas that reminded me of what Ms Evanovich sometimes sound like, thirdhand. Like when the ghost stripper- SPOILER!- saves Odd Thomas from the coyotes, that sort of thing.

It was still nice though. I can see why Mr. Koontz is so pumped to make Odd Thomas be a big long series- his voice as narrator is soothing and friendly and inviting, even if it's as hokey as every other death-obsessed 20-year-old goth who thinks he's a little bit too mature for all the showy gothiness of being a goth, and is much more interested in world-weariness than black lipstick.

Also, Dean Koontz, you lose points when you have one black character in your novel and he is a BLIND JAZZ RADIO HOST. WTF.

But still, genre fiction is genre fiction, and this works as genre fiction. I enjoyed it! I already got a copy of Brother Odd and put the copy of The Passion of New Eve I'd just started back on the shelf. I mean, the only reason for me to be reading Dean Koontz instead of Angela Carter is nostalgia, but nostalgia's a legitimate reason.

Have you noticed I'm not really saying anything? I'm typing 'cause I'm bored.
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Lisa B Imogene-your boredom can be funny & interesting at moments.

Kayla Love this! Miss you at work. I can't wait to read Nevada. I hope you're having a blast in your new endeavor!

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