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Lucky by Alice Sebold
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Mar 11, 2009

The book that I just finished reading was Lucky by Alice Sebold. This book's genre is A memoir. I guess that I would have to say that the theme would have to be there is evil lerking around everywhere you go. 
  Lucky is about Alice Sebold and her life after she had been raped in a tunnel. She was so sure everyone was judging her afterwards. Also that no guy would look at her the sameway afterwards, she'd always be that raped ugly girl. Then she went into trial with the rapist and she was seeked justic. Alice is obviously the main character, the on to get raped, the victum. 
  When I started this book I was really shocked but at the same time really pulled in and interested, mainly because she had been raped. My favorite scene was the rape because of the intensity and aggressiveness of the fight that she put up. My favorite character was Alice because she showed a lot of strength by moving right on in life and put the whole thing behind her. This book was very descriptive for example when Alica and the rapist had been in the tunnel the gave detail of everu little bump and bang never leaving one point out. A question that I had that had gotten answered was "would Alice ever find her rapist and learn his true identity?" and she did. I agreed with Alice for moving on because living with something like that on your mind can really mess you up emotionally and make you sad or filled with many emotion. The line that Alice uses "It semmed unfathomable to me that it had taken so many years to come to terms with my rape...but I had began to except that it had. It left me with a feeling I couldn't describe. Hell was over. I had all the time in the world ahead." In this last line it has tought me that Alice Sebold was a really wise women to let something so tradgic go and be put in the past. 
  I belive that any woman in the world would enjoy reading this book. But I would recommend this book to teenaged girls. If you liked the movie "Women thou art loosed" You may like Lucky because they both involve rape and sadness but in the end there is forgiveness. 
  In conclusion I have rapped up telling you about the book Lucky by Alice Sebold. About the sadness and greatness about it. The good and the bad. The interesting and educational. That this was a really good book. 
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