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Slumdog Millionaire by Gina Mayer
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Mar 10, 2009

it was amazing
Read in May, 2009

Compare this book with the movie, it is more impressive because of its corrupt society. He saw Father, who he treated like a real father, died; he saw the death of Neelima, who he treated as a real mother; he used to think he killed a drunkard, father of Smita; he shot a robber who took all his money away; he tried to kill Prem, who had abused Neelima and Nita, who he loved. Despite of all those, he even witnessed the "dark habit" of a superstar, who was a gay; a Father who shouldn't marry but he did and had a son; a Priest was a gangster and a drug user; dark business that required to burn singers' eyes were mentioned both in film and book; Man Who Knows stalled cameras everywhere; unhealthy religion, Voodoo, became a tool to fullfill one's desire by killing; a injured soldier's story of his great past was a lie; the killer seems like can kill everyone as he wish; the silly dream of a actor who put herself into misery in exchange for gorgeous young period; Devi's disguise as a kind person who in fact mistreated her own son because he had witnessed her adultery; robbery and stealing happened every often in the story; a girl, Nita, was forced to be a prostitute by her mother and brother; the conflict between Hindi and Muslim led to the killing of innocent people; Ram got the help form lawyer, Smita, who he had saved once from his drundard father, after he was arrested.

In the film, all those things weren't mentioned or mentioned but not in the same way, except for one, the burning of eyes. Even this one weren't quite the same. Salim and Ram weren't seeing the burning physically, but they eardropped it.

The relationship between Salim and Ram (Jamal as in the film) weren't the same as in the movie. In the book, they were friends who met in Orphonage. Salim is Muslim, but Ram, whose full name was Ram Mohammed Thomas wasn't mentioned clearly. In the film, they were brothers who were born in a poor Muslim family.

I think the reason that director didn't show everything in the book on the film because it is too corrupt that affects to religion, government, and all those shouldn't exist businesses. If put all those into one movie, it can be filmed as a long TV show.

Even though the book was a better choice for Slumdog, but I like film better, because the book is too complicate while film is more focus and simple. My favorite scene is when Jamal jumped into the "..." and got the signature from a famous superstar.

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message 1: by Lanier (last edited May 30, 2009 11:14PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lanier WHOA!!! Where's the SPOILER ALERT on this puppy!!?? You're giving ALL the goods away on this write-up!!

Reflect? Respond, and if you must give every twist and turn away, CLICK SPOILER ALERT at the very bottom before saving, please for those who may still wish to read this awesome novel!!!

Oh, that one long RUN-ON sentence, please work on that. If you have more than seven semi-colons in one sentence---I don't know, but I think there must be a rule against that. Keep It Simple Scholar! = the K.I.S.S method!

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