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Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison
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Mar 10, 2009

it was amazing
Read from January 31 to February 03, 2010

Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison is the third installment of the Rachel Morgan (The Hollows) saga. Let me start off by saying I LOVE THIS BOOK. I love this series. I love this author. Alright, now that I'm done with that- on with my review.

Rachel Morgan is a sassy, kick-ass witch and she has done something silly to put away one of the biggest, baddest vampires out there- She made a deal with a demon. So you can forget about broomsticks and pull out some lucky charms because she's gonna need them.

Piscary, the big bad vampire that rules The Hollows has finally been convicted of some heinous crimes thanks to Rachel. That's right, Rachel promised to be a demon's familiar if he testified against Piscary. It worked. But now it is Rachel's turn to hold up her end of the bargain. Can she weasel out of being the familiar of a demon, escape the red tinged ever after AND keep her soul intact?

In the process of becoming Algaliarept's familiar she releases the previous familiar, Ceri, from a grime fate. Rachel is now faced with escaping Al's grasp and keeping Ceri from Mr. Kalamack... Ceri is a great character, she's beautiful, smart and learns to stand her own pretty quickly. I found myself craving to know more about her- I mean, come on, she was a demon's familiar for 1000 years! I hope we get more information on her in the books to come. She is simply fascinating.

Jenks, my beloved pixie, did not play a big part in this book. I was sad about this- he's an awesome character and integral part to my Hollows experience! I can always use more Jenks and less Ivy. Anyway, he finds out that Rachel knows what type of creature Trent Kalamack is but didn't trust him with the information. His ego and trust in Rachel is bruised and he takes his family and moves out of the church. This was only okay with me because another fun character was introduced- David Hue. David Hue is a lone werewolf and quickly becomes a close, trusted friend. I'm hoping that he becomes a big part of Rachel's story. I love you, David Hue. I love you, too, Kim Harrison for creating wonderful supporting characters!

Why am I so enamored with the characters in The Hollows!? I either absolutely love them or hate them. (I hate Ivy, Rachel's roommate. She annoys the CRAP out of me. However she was much less annoying in this book than in the previous two.) I'm not saying much about Rachel's man, Nick. He's boring and she has moved on. On to Kisten. Oh, Kisten. For you paranormal romance lovers- Chapter 21 is for you. It's delicious. Steamy and delicious!

This is one of my favorite series and I've only read 3 of the books so far. I can't wait to keep going. Kick-ass fight scene? Check! Sarcastic banter? Check! If you love action, magic, humor and brilliant creatures- read this book. Kim Harrison brings all that and more to the table in magnificent, magical levels.
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message 1: by Mandi (new)

Mandi Schreiner I've never read Kim Harrison...darn. I hear the best things about this series...

message 2: by Julia (last edited Feb 03, 2010 07:41AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Julia Mandi! Read The Hollows! The first one is good but not wonderful. This one is the sexiest of the three I've read. (There are 7 out and the 8th comes out this year, I think)

Patti TheLoveJunkee When I bought book 1 at the bookstore the clerk told me it was just okay but to continue b/c the series was really good. She was right - I really like this series!

(Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick This whole series has been incredible. Can't wait for the new release.

Julia Awesome! I'm so glad to hear when others love series that I do =)

Amanda Just noticed you finished it.. I'm almost too!! Can't wait for you to write your review. I love them :)

Julia What are you going to read next!?

Amanda I think I'm going to go to the next Hollows

Julia I gotta read Archangel's Kiss first then I'm going to read the next Hollows. Did you get the kindle!?

Amanda Just waiting for it to come in the mail!! Hopefully soon.

Amanda Kindle should be here Monday or Tuesday.. I am SO bummed.. I accidentally saw a spoiler for book 5 and I am kind of crushed.. have a lump in my throat :/

Julia Don't tell me!

Ok, tell me, I have to fucking know. Now it is killing me.

Amanda I will tell you in a message so nobody else will see.

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