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Witch Catcher by Mary Downing Hahn
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Mar 09, 2009

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This is a fasinating fiction book that anyone that likes magic, faries and powerful antique objects will love this book! The story begins with a 12 years old girl named Jen and with his widowed father that live in West Virginia, Jen
gets fasinated wen they have to move to their new house that is far from the city, the house is like a casttle and not because is just very big but because its in form of a casttle too! The house was from Jen's great uncle Thaddeusus, the enormus house is full of antiques, this book has great imagery for example "large dark furniture carued with vines and animal heads crowded around me on clawed feet. It was like trying to sleep in a enchanted forest full of strange beasts" It can have a great characterization specially with Moura's character: "a tall, slender woman, stood on the parch, her narrow face paler than the moon a December night. Her long straight, hair was
black, etc... "This book has setting and many word choice like antiques,incarcerated,lingered,earlier,a example of setting is"I followed a narrow path that twisted doenhill in to the woods behind the tower.The shade was dense ,the light greenish .The ground was cool and mossy under my bare feet.The air smelled of old leaves ,wet earth ,and damp,growing things "Another thing is that Jen gets thrilled wen she mets dads new girlfriend Moura, since the first time that Jen saw her she
knew that Moura was not good but the opposite. Moura always forced her smiles and made Jens dad go crazy wen he saw her. Moura was obsesive with great uncle Thaddeusus antiques specially with one, the witch catcher that Jen founded in the tower but Moura does not no that Jen has it.The book starts geting in to a raising action when Jen's cat Tinck breakes the witch catcher and the witch scapes. This book has lots of mistery and suspense, exaitment!A lesson for parents in this book can be to trust more in your children because jhen's dad did not belive in her and belived in a woman he just met. I recomend this book to everybody because it has adventure that will make you love it. I will live you here with the suspense of what happened with the antiques who is Ciril what will happened to Jen and her cat Tinck, what spells Moura has prepared,what magic world is Jen in?

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Alice Do you know how to read da book on dis app or is dat not an option??

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