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Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia
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Dec 24, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, typical-ya-werewolves-vampires-etc, ya-romance first of all I need to admit that I initially deleted this off my recommendations list

I saw the cover and thought 'oooohhh that's interesting what a pretty cover :D'.....

Then I read the blurb and for some strange reason had come to the conclusion that it was about fairies. I have no idea how that happened but my brain doesn't always function the way I want it to, hence the reason I'm writing this review at 01:00 am instead of revising for my uni exams :P

So I continued with my life thinking that I was doing myself a favour by avoiding this book until I saw a big billboard advertising the movie for this book.....

I realised that the movie was coming out in February and I almost shat myself......... OMG I DONT HAVE MUCH TIME TO READ THE BOOK BEFORE THE MOVIE COMES OUT AAAAAAAHHHHHHRRRRGGGGHHH

There was no way I was going to make the same mistake as I did with the hunger games and watch the movie before I read the book.....

This was before I'd even seen the trailer which was totally BAD ASS (started off corny but gave me shivers in the end) and was more than enough to convince me to read the damn thing :D.....not to mention a pleasing picture of Alden Ehrenreich (playing Ethan)in teen Vogue's febuary <3 lol

So now that I've got that off my chest....on with the review.....

definitely not about fairies !!!!! that's one thing for sure but for anyone else who was as dumb as me I won't spoil it :P

It's not even one of those happy chappy novels....most of the time it's quite dark and sinister and seems slightly hopeless. It was definitely different to see things from a guy's POV instead of the girl's for once and I really felt attached to the characters, to the whole thing. I could just feel their frustration and their worries seeping through the pages, though I was actually reading it on my phone so I guess it was really seeping through my screen. I love the way magic is used as an expression of emotion and something uncontrollable. It was a quick an impacting way of describing the character's feelings without the heartfelt poetic monologue.

It was just great I'm still slightly confused about why it ended the way it did but to be honest I prefer it that way. because I really hate those kind of books when you just know what was is going to happen (especially a predictable happy ending), it just kills everything. but with this one I'm still satisfied with the ending yet intrigued enough to read the sequel.

I'm surprised at how many people hated this book I mean, I know you can't please everyone but this was just.........(racks brain for describing words)........edgy....not edgy in it's self but kept me on edge. it was simple yet complicated and well paced.....I guess I was in a good mood throughout this book or the book kept me in a good mood. either way I just wish people would remember that this is a fiction novel not a freaking history text book I can't believe how people are being offended by the way southeners are being portrayed even though they're not southern !!!! seriously!!!! are you people that bored that you're going to just pick a damn fight for no reason. FYI this is completely fictional so don't get you're knickers in a twist!!! and for those of you who are not satisfied with Ethan's narrating (i.e lack of sex drive) then go read fifty shades of grey you dirty buggers......seriously... if ya wanna know what goes on in a teenage boy's head then just picture an X-box, car magazine, and page 3 girls all at once.....better yet go read/watch act like a lady think like a man......JEEEEEESH !!!!! >:P there's no pleasing people with narrow-minded attitudes trying to satisfy a 2 year old for more than half an hour .... NOT GONNA HAPPEN unless sweets are ivolved!!!! and for the record.... just because Ethan isn't sharing his dirty thoughts doesn't mean he's not thinking them !!!! heck if ur boyfriend could read ur mind I'm pretty sure u wuldn't want him to know every-time you fantasised about his naked bod and southern sausage 3==D (pun not intended lol)... not to mention fact that these kids are UNDER-AGED !!!!

However I can understand why Lena might seem like a bit of a brat. I mean the sudden mood swings from stubborn bitch to helpless coward are a bit annoying but just be grateful it's not her narrating the damn thing.

Rant is now over.....

Thinking about how dark and this book felt to me is already making me scared/super excited for the Movie which will be even more intense and hopefully doesn't dissapoint me :)...... I seriously can't wait XD

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