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The Merchant of Death by D.J. MacHale
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Mar 06, 2009

really liked it

My book the lost city of Faar written by D.J Machale. The ending was phenominalaction filled. Here let me tell you what happened. There are two main protagonists, the lead traveler Bobby Pendragon and his uncle Press. and he has a friend along with him called Spader a aqueneer. The scene in the ending was when Saint Dane where he wanted to leave cloral and go to Elong another territorie. Saint Dane is a malevolent person always a step ahead of Bobby. The ending was good with face to face confrantation with spader and saint dane. Spader wanted to kill him for the death of his dad. But Saint Dane succeeded and jumped into a flume where Spader was still standing, rounds of bullets where coming his way. Bobby's uncle jumped in and tooked the blow. The character that has opinions would have to be Bobby. He has second thoughts; he keeps having second thoughts of his the one person that can stop Saint Dane. Bobby Pendragon has second thoughts and he wonders if he can do this.
The pieces of that where more interesting was the floating ship. Everyone on board that ship was dead poisoned with a mutated crop. I hated how one of the characters acted, Spader tried to take justice into his own hands almost killing himself and Bobby. I also like his uncle Press while they where in the ship he picked up clues so fast that nobody saw him. But what’s it is all about is teamwork. They found the lost city of Faar and saved Cloral.
The four words I would describe this book would be dramatic, with every page you read and flip you uncover more of the plot. Second word would have to be is treachery, there are many friends made throughout this book but there is also not many trust. The third word is unfulfilling bobby feels like he never is going to see his parents or his uncle again. The final word is stern, I has many reason why Bobby always seemed serious in in his mind he cared about others and that’s what this book ids about loyalty and trust.

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Lindsay Jane WTF?! You commented on the wrong book! Way to ruin that book for the people who haven't read it...

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