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Kitty Raises Hell by Carrie Vaughn
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Mar 05, 2009

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A hearty thank you to Ms. Vaughn for not making us wait to resolve the cliff hanger of Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand. Stepping back into Kitty's world - that of her newly formed and thus fragile pack - after the curious Vegas elopement, we find that Kitty's decision to be a "newfangled modern" werewolf who solves the pack's problems with her verbal repartee rather than by abuse is not quite as simple as she'd like to idealize it. The dynamics of dominance still hold sway, and perhaps the best part of this novel is following how Kitty negotiates the slippery slope between her alpha status attained by wit and guile rather than pure force. A moment I hope Vaughn explores and exploits later for its drama, is when Ben actually grows as a character and exerts his alpha status in a manner antithetical to Kitty's ideal. The potential for how it might play out between this newly married and newly leading alpha pair could drive a lot of growth and angst for these characters, not to mention the rest of the pack.

A team of interesting secondary characters comes to play in the form of a reality TV show called Paradox PI, furthering the humorous vein of media commentary that Vaughn established by having Kitty be a radio show host. The team makes a show out of searching for the true hauntings and spirit sightings, but debunking everything they come across. Too bad for them that the trouble Kitty carries over from Vegas cannot be debunked.

Despite the development of the pack dynamics which I dearly missed in the last novel, I still feel like there is an element missing. It may stem from the relationship between Kitty and Ben, which does not even feel raw like a new marriage, but rather nebulous and tenuous. Perhaps the above mentioned development of tension could flesh this pair out, or mayhap the continuing werewolf leadership role will force some edges to develop in these characters. I wonder too if reintroducing Cormac's incarcerated character as a player once again would help establish the ground that is missing.

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