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City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
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Mar 05, 2009

it was amazing

I was instantly enchanted when I first read City of Bones, and that enchantment still holds four years, and at least half a dozen re-reads later in sptite of the fact that I'm older, wiser, and should know better. I've also read countless reviews, both adoring and loathing and have come to the conclusion that this book does not garner any type of middle ground, you either love it or you hate it.

I'm glad that I get to love it. What else can I say?
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For me, this book shines, and to those of you who loved it, I imagine you are a bit like me. You found yourself immersed in a world where demons roam the night, weres run a bar, vamps occupy abandoned hotels, warlocks cast spells while rockin glitter in their hip hugging jeans, and the law is upheld by Shadowhunters, a race of humans blessed by the angel Raziel. Hokey? Sure. Rockin like a unicorn adorned bike? Hell yes! Even the setting, NYC, was so palpable; it became another character in this vibrant story. I thought the Shadowhunter world was funny, sleek, dark, sexy and hopeful. More importantly, the characters came so alive for me that they jumped off the pages. I felt as though I were in the story with them as opposed to merely following along in their journey.

Regardless of the types of books you prefer to read, or the characters that endear themselves to your heart, I think we all read to for some type of enjoyment. What evokes that enjoyment varies from reader to reader, but I still find excitement within these pages. To me, that is the mark of a fantastic book.

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message 1: by Hannah (last edited Oct 28, 2009 01:45PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Hannah Short, to the point, informative, reveals a bit about yourself.

I like it!

Heather LOL, thanks.

Annabelle best review ever

Tatiana At least Heather knows for sure Jace is not her brother:)

Heather LMAO.

Hannah Tatiana wrote: "At least Heather knows for sure Jace is not her brother:)"

...even i felt that one!!!

message 7: by Jasmine (last edited Feb 08, 2010 06:54PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jasmine I haven't read the books yet, but I just wanted to say I loved your review :) I hate when people constantly compare books to each other...it's really annoying -__-
By the way I had to look up exsanguinated when I read your review =D
And I find it really annoying when people base someone's intelligence or maturity on their age. I'm 15, and my brother is 17 and yet I am still a lot more mature then him. Some people have even said they thought I was the older one by the way I acted =D Someone's intelligence level shouldn't be based on age, I know some teenager that are smarter than adults that I've met...

message 8: by Kay (new) - added it

Kay real gud review.. i bet u made those who keeps comparing books, drop their jaws....lols, it's gud to always luk on the bright side and not keep digging for negative points to complain about it, i do like the characters like you mentioned. shadowhunters are just amazing.... i realli wanted to be one myself. overall, it was very inventive, i agree with everything u said

Sage I love your review! I loved these books and am shocked by how much critisum this book is getting!

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

:) Totally agree! I love the Mortal Instruments!!!

Kathryn Rose I totally agree. There are way to many people just being haters and being obsessed with hating the book. (personally, I just think they're jealous that they can't write this well). ;-)

<3 Mortal Instruments!

message 12: by Samantha (new)

Samantha i love your review it very insperational and its like a wondered speech that make u feel good imside ecen though they have no idea what there saying ! best reciew i have ever read !

message 13: by Kristal (new) - added it

Kristal thanks for your review. it inspired me to read city of bones..i know a lot of books have similarities, but then every book is a work of art and will definitely entertain readers who can really appreciate other person's efforts. thumbs up!

Katrina Love this review- thank you so much- after all these horrid flames I've been needing this! :) And people who are complaining about similarities need to get a life. There aren't endless themes in this world, just endless combinations. People like to read the same things, like paranormal romance, so writers who want to make money will write that kind of stuff! Brilliant.

Tatiana But love for Jace remains strong, right?

Heather It does :) I blame Alex Pettyfer. His glory is all I see when I think of Jace

Samina ~ Escapism~ So many years on, your love for Jace has not faded.LOL

Heather I know. Its sad. :)

Samina ~ Escapism~ No not sad at all.It is called being loyal.My list of fictional BF keeps increasing by each book I read.I am shameless.

message 20: by Ali (new)

Ali i agree

Tasha B I am excited to read this now, your review has inspired me I shall dust it down from the bookshelf!

Bridget OMG..I love the picture!! lol

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

I completely agree! The characters came to life. I went on a trip to New York and was like "Ok, first things first: find Magnus and Jace!

Daisy Agree 100% I don't care what people say about how it's written or the character development or whatever else. I loved it because it captured me and it was magical. There's nothing else to it.

message 25: by Lauren (new)

Lauren OMG I love that picture. LOL

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

this is random but does anyone know how to add photos into your review?

Bridget When you do the review, you will see:

(some html is ok) add book/author

On the top right {above the box you're typing in}, just like you do when you made a comment in here..Click on one of those according to what you want to do. Anything beyond adding pictures to that way..I don't know.

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

Thank youu so much :)

Bridget Your Welcome. :-)

message 30: by Tria (new) - added it

Tria I'll be honest with you: I don't hate the book. I quite like some of the material she's used in it. The trouble is that half of it wasn't hers to begin with. So it's not her writing I like, technically. And I refuse to support plagiarism; it's just a conscience thing for me. I hope you understand that. I'm glad you can find some enjoyment in it, but I also recommend you check out the TV series' that other reviews have mentioned her swiping stuff from, because you'll probably enjoy them more.

Belinda King Ive just joined goodreads this week. So glad I found it. The Immortal Instruments was my all favorite book series. I am so shocked that there are people that dont like it! I cant comprehend why, when I loved it so much!

message 32: by Tria (new) - added it

Tria Belinda, I'm sorry to hear that you can't understand another person's point of view, as that is an ability necessary for a happy and mature life. I hope you learn how someday. I'm glad you find enjoyment somewhere, even if it is in something for which I cannot share that passion.

Marie Litak I just finish reading it...I red some reviews, bad and good. And I have come to the same conclusion as you did: I love it:) I will not lie and say I liked how it ended, but I wanted to read more and thats enough for me!:) I gave it five stars, thats what I will stick too. Hope the movie is good! Can not wait!:)

Jackie1977 I am loving this book and I have a hard time putting it down. I feel like the kid reading in the movie the never ending story. It makes me feel like I am a part of the story and along the adventure with them. I can't wait for all the books after I finish the first book. I am so excited to read this series. I love your review on this book.

Racquel Cool review. I am with you on this, everything you said pretty much described what I felt for this book.

Well, I'm speechless. Your review clarified everything about every bodies reviews and the book itself. Well done.

Sarah Oh my god, I actually thought I was the only one. I instantly think of Jace as Alex Pettyfer. Like, literally, whenever The name pops into my head I'm just like, Alex Pettyfer.

Gemma Oh My God Heather I totes agree with you I can't believe that someone finally has the same opinion as me. I just love the mortal instrument series.

Gemma Don't worry it cool I love Jace as well. It's like he's my fictional husband.

message 39: by Moakes (new)

Moakes sup girl

Zorana Isn't it always the case with every book that it is rated good and bad? I personally loved TMI, couldn't put it down really, it was magical and that is how fantasy books should be. Thank you so much for supporting this book with this great review and all it is left for us fans is to wait for the city of heavenly fire...

message 41: by Rebecca (new) - added it

Rebecca I want to read this series and i think I will but there has been so many bad reviews on it that i don't know if ill ever get my self to. I probably will because all my friends love it.

message 42: by zoie weatherford (new)

zoie weatherford Wow

message 43: by Zaina (new)

Zaina Hubbard When I first was handed this book I was already hooked from the cover because it leaves you to imagine what might happen in the book but it still leaves the reader to wonder if this book can just be about vampires , the underworld or something else or maybe just both. At first when I first read it I kind of felt like it didn't need as much detail as it need and it was a little drawn out but after a few chapters it started to get more interesting. I felt her parents should have more of a connection to the other world and not just the girl and a part of me wanted her male best friend to have some type of powers too but I guess not. I wish instead of the beast creature coming to her basically letting her know about her secret life instead of a cooler way of letting her know so I thought that part was lame. I also wish there was a little bit more romance between the best friend and her instead of the boy ( sorry it's been a minute since I read the book I forgot the names). Overall to me the book was good but I think certain chunk like the drawn out parts could have been taken out and it would have been just as fine or better . I still give it 5 stars because I am hooked to the whole series and the move

Raven Wheeler Thanks for the heads up didn't know if good book to read that is the best review in detail

message 45: by Amy (new) - added it

Amy Thnks for the review but when I read it I felt like she was just grabbing ideas from every fantasy young adult book I've ever read and then squished them together. Not that interesting.

message 46: by Tria (new) - added it

Tria She has a history of doing that. Also of recycling her own material.

Jesper Sandvik Do I read The Mortal Instruments before The Infernal Devices?

Sarah Best post EVER

Sarah Best post EVER

Isabelle one of the best reviews I've read so far. when the other reviews talk about how horrible the language and descriptions are in TMI and I'm just like ?????

because honestly I found tmi one of the best written young adult fantasy books out there. it isn't easy to tie a good plot and good writing :)

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