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Harry Potter Collection by J.K. Rowling
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Aug 20, 2007

it was amazing

I was first introduced to HP when I was working as a grade school tutor.1998-2000.
I came back from Winter break and every kid in one class had a HP COS book on his or her desk.
I thought it was a class read. Meaning that the class was required to read it.
HOW WRONG I WAS!It would touch BILLIONS world wide.
The biggest impact I felt that made that statement true was when I finally got my HALF BLOOD PRINCE, I had ordered 2 copies on line and avoided the store rush.
I started to read mine that day, July 16 2005! Which was also amazingly MY BIRTHDAY!
As I read I felt the REAL MAGIC in these books unfold...
page after page.
Somewhere in many places around the world OTHER H.P. fans where reading this book too!AND I FELT IT! I felt the ENERGY of the book coming to life in the minds of BILLIONS of readers. It became REAL to me!
I felt their awe at all the secrets being told and more unfolding along the way. I felt them mourn for one special WIZARD, AS I too cried my eyes out in disbelief and horror!
I was depressed for weeks.
I started to read P.O.A. And I really liked it.
I got hooked!Those Dementors sounded too much like my DEPRESSION! The Boggarts like my ANXIETY!
Then after some investigation on my part I found out that J.K. Rowling had suffered depression ! The Dementors where a reflexion of that as well as her nibbling on chocolate when trying to feel better.NOW I WAS REALLY HOOKED!
Harry Potter had become my HERO!
So did Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Lupin, Hagrid, Dumbledore and many many more! Yes even J.K. Rowling too!
Well she did write the books you know.
I guess sometimes it was hard for me to imagine that there was someone writing these remarkable stories. I really started to feel the characters after seeing the movies. I could hear them in my head their accents and everything!
I forgot that there was a WOMAN behind the scenes. Someone a lot like me.
J.K. Rowling was a single mother of two kids and on welfare! She started the books not really understanding what an impact they would make in people's lives!
She never thought her books would be banned and hated my many people.
Or that many billions more would LOVE her and her brilliant writing skills.
I have learned that we all are magical beings. No matter what religion we are, we have love, bravery and imaginations...we are creative and romantic...There is a story in all of our hearts. I found that I have been fighting DEMENTORS and Voldemort's for a long time. I found that my own life struggles are a lesson for me. A journey I must take sometimes alone and sometimes with friends or family.Before I read Deathly Hallows I understood something, Death is a part of our Lives. We cannot survive one without the other.
If we are not born we would not die.We must do both.
I knew this before reading the last book.
I have the Magic in me to survive death, by walking right into it when the time comes.
I might not be societies perfect person but who is?
I have flaws.
I am moody and emotional. I love too much and give of myself. I am a great friend and mother. A healer and artist and creator of stories and I grow plants and care for animals...I am human.I am me.
And J.K. Rowling where ever you may be, THANKS I did enjoy my travels with you and Harry and ALL those wonderful people you created to become a part of my life and memories. Because it will add some excitement to the pages of my life-book! I am sure my girls will always remember my nerdish obsession with HARRY POTTER.
THANKS! Nikki Jo


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