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Deep Economy by Bill McKibben
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Aug 20, 2007

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Recommended for: any American

McKibben explores and explains how investing in local economies will ultimately strengthen and secure a deeper, more durable economy in the long run, albeit some sacrifices in efficiency in the short-term. It is very readable and enlightening; I especially recommend chapters 1, 3, and 4.

McKibben calls for a renewed sense of community in the face of rampant American individualism, a common theme these days; however, he is not overly didactic. It's quite ironic that we are unhappier when we always have the freedom choose what we want to do. This may lead to a breakdown in the family/social dynamic; everyone goes to their individual bedrooms to plug into their various electronic devices (TV, computer, I-Pod, etc) instead of the whole family watching the same TV program or playing the same game and getting to know each other. Ultimately, the freedom to choose is very empowering with all its opportunities, but it requires discipline, lest it will be abused. Fortunately, most of us realize the necessity of social company for one's overall happiness.

A fact I found both fascinating and absurd: the average human bite has traveled 1500 miles and exchanged six hands before deliciously masticated in your mouth. What's up with that???

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