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Devoured by Amanda Marrone
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Mar 02, 2009

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bookshelves: ya-fantasy, ya-friendship, ya-ghost-stories, ya-romance, ya-social-situations

I couldn't tell at first, but the story is loosely based on Snow White. It opens with the infamous mirror on the wall and a wish that is made to it. From then on all of the hunter's descendants will be envious and long to have what others possess. Hundreds of years later Megan is being haunted by her dead twin sister Remy. She keeps warning her of something, but the little girl's rantings are mostly jibberish to Megan. Megan has a boyfriend who has a girl best friend, and to keep an eye on them, she decides to get a job at Land of Enchantment, where they too have recently found summber jobs. Her sister's warnings are increasing and then Megan meets Luke who can also see her sister. When she finally finds someone who doesn't think she is crazy, they try to figure out what Remy wants. I won't reveal where the mirror comes into play, but it is actually pretty predictable once that happens. I did find the book to be entertaining though, I liked the relationship between Megan and Luke, and how the story of Snow White was introduced into the plot. I think it's meant to be a light and fast read, despite some of the plot twists. I did find it amusing though that Land of Enchantment sort of harkened to Disneyland, and I guess some aspects of it can be on the scary/creepy side if you think about it - but I still love it there.

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