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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll
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Mar 02, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: english-12

** spoiler alert ** Summary
Alice in Wonderland is a wonderful fantasy book that shows the unique imagination of Lewis Carroll. It is a book of a girl, Alice, who follows a rabbit down a rabbit hole to find a hidden land with many interesting people to meet and activities to do. While in Wonderland, Alice enters a room with a tiny door leading to a beautiful garden but she is too big to go through. After enjoying a strange drink, Alice realizes she is changing size. She is shrinking to a size where she can fit through the door. After a long and frustrating journey down, Alice realizes she forgot the key to the door on the table above. Alice sheds many tears that help her swim down the hallway where she meets many new people at the end. After meeting these people, Alice is sent to the rabbit’s house where she finds more treats that she enjoys but this time she grows larger rather than shrinks. Once Alice is able to become the right size she leaves the rabbit’s house and runs into a caterpillar. She is still trying to become the right size to get into the garden when the caterpillar tells her that one side of the mushroom he is sitting on will make her bigger while the other will make her smaller. After meeting the caterpillar, Alice travels to a Duchesses house where she tries to save the baby living there but has to let it go after it turns into a pig. This is also when Alice meets the Cheshire cat that can vanish into thin air. After meeting the Duchess, Alice travels through the forest and stumbles into a house of a mad hatter. There is a tea party going on and she decides to join it. However, after a while she gets very annoyed with who is there and decides to leave. After Alice leaves she goes through a door in a tree that leads back into the same room that she started in; the room with the little door. However, by eating the mushroom from the caterpillar she is able to shrink and go through it into the garden. When she enters she notices some gardeners (which are cards from a deck) painting the roses red because they are scared of the queen. The roses that were planted were suppose to be red but were white by mistake. They need to paint them before the queen notices the mistake and has them beheaded. The queen then enters the garden and notices Alice and asks her if she wants to play a game of croquet which she accepts and later finds that they have a very odd way of playing. During the game Alice learns that the duchess she met earlier is scheduled to be executed later that day. The Cheshire cat then enters the garden and causes quite a scene. The duchess is then brought out of prison and brought into the garden. While the duchess is in the garden she talked to Alice about morals and is then sent to the Mock Turtle to learn about his history. After hearing his story Alice is then brought back to the garden and realizes the duchess’s trial is about to start. During the trial Alice begins to grow tall again and because of this she is asked to testify. While testifying, Alice annoys the king and is asked to leave, but she refuses. After this the queen orders Alice to be executed and Alice told the entire court that they were just a deck of cards. As soon as the court heard this they started to attack her. At this moment Alice woke up to realize she had been sleeping in her sisters lap and the entire thing had been an amazing dream. Alice then tells her sister of the dream and goes back home for tea.

Personal response
Alice in Wonderland is a wonderful story that shows the wonderful creativity of Lewis Carroll. It is a book full of talking animals and schemes while it also shows the aspects and some of the struggles of the real world in a hidden way. Alice in Wonderland is a book that takes in its reader and keeps them there until the very last page. It is a book where the entertainment never stops and it is good for both the young and the old. I have been able to experience this story as a child and now as a young adult and have now been able to enjoy more of the adult content within the book. I also enjoyed how this book makes you think of the actions of Alice. While reading about all the situations Alice went through it makes the reader think if they would do it the same way. I enjoyed reading Alice in Wonderland and experiencing the different style of writing and creativity of Lewis Carroll.

“The book combines fantasy and adventure with elements of tragedy, farce, comedy, madness, and absurdity, and is replete with plays on words, twisted logic, re-phrased rhymes and clever dialogues. In short, a book that entertains and educates, like every book ought to.” I completely agree with this opinion from Amit Sharma. Alice in Wonderland is a book that combines fantasy, comedy, madness and many other genres. It is a book that pulls in the reader through many different aspects and is good for all ages. “The wonderland is unreal - a world of fantasy and imagination. It is a transformation of the real world, with human beings replaced by animals who can talk, and things considered to be possible only in magic do happen here -- hence the appeal of the story to children. The wonderland is also a logically and linguistically challenged world -- the finer aspects that fill every page of the story and of interest to adult readers.” I believe that this book of for both the young and the old. It does a good job of grabbing the attention of all its readers. Children will have fun with the talking animals and silly characters while adults will enjoy the plays on words, rhymes and clever aspects of the story.

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