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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
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did not like it
bookshelves: incredibly-fucking-awful

I hate this book so much. I used to work at a hippie vegetarian restaurant where everyone raved about it, so I should have known what a disaster it would be. Writing in the style of a fable does not convince me that what the author says is true or profound, this just sucks all around, and people who describe it as magical or inspirational are probably dudes I will not be having a beer with anytime soon. This guy, he's probably going to get a Nobel one day, too.
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message 1: by Claude (new)

Claude Daniels Thanks for the no bullshit reveiw.... "Claude" I will take it off the "To Read"

Taygus I have to disagree, I didn't read the book with any expectations nor that I read any bit of it as "should be true". I read as someone talking about their beliefs and why they believe that way. I'm a cynic, so I didn't think, oh yeah I can definitely take on 'my dream' .. but, the book taken at face value, cause there's no 'hidden meaning' or between the lines. It's an enjoyable, simple book. Thats easy to understand and can be uplifting.

message 3: by Ro (new)

Ro Clint - your reviews make my day, for real. We dont have many books in common, but I do so love to read what you have to say! lol

message 4: by Dan (new) - rated it 2 stars

Dan Mac lol. Brilliant review.

message 5: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Amoroso Yep

message 6: by Kinga (new)

Kinga I doubt it he would ever get a Nobel Prize or any other prize of significance, as serious literary critics are in agreement that his books are just a pile of manure.

message 7: by Jennifer (new) - added it

Jennifer Thank you for saving me from this book. I would NEVER get those hours of my life back if I had wasted it on this book!

Raza Abbas this book izz simply awesome....
A must read for evry1....

message 9: by Lei (new) - rated it 1 star

Lei White I too hated this book so much...I think the only people who like it are those who below

message 10: by Lei (new) - rated it 1 star

Lei White Sorry comment submitted heroe I finished! I meant to say that only those who believe in "The Secret" would find this book's pretentious and boring

Barbora Kraml i have the same feeling. this book is so slimy!

Vasillina 100% agree!!What a waste of time!

message 13: by Ben (new)

Ben Troutman Don't let one of Coehlo's novel dissuade you from reading more of his work. If you haven't already, try Veronika Decides to Die.

message 14: by Kinga (new)

Kinga No. Don't. Really don't.

message 15: by Chris Perry (new) - added it

Chris Perry I like that you put quotations around your whole review. It shows how incredibly "important" you and your dumb review is.

message 16: by Clint (new) - rated it 1 star

Clint I didn't use any quotation marks, either your glasses suck or I'm not as clever as you.

message 17: by Sibel (new) - rated it 1 star

Sibel Hey, I may be a vegan, but I hated this book too. :D
I read other books by Coelho and didn't like them. I suppose I am more into literary fiction that has some philosophy, real wisdom and maybe some cynicism in it.

message 18: by Atreides (new)

Atreides I also am a vegan, but I never managed to read a whole coelho novel. Every one I tried to read was insufferable.

Robbie Clark Couldn't agree more.
Paulo is an insufferable, idiotic gnome who appeals to the self centred consumers of our age.
His promises that the universe will conspire with us to achieve our dreams is beyond laughable.

message 20: by Abhik (new) - rated it 1 star

Abhik Gurl i live in INDIA , aand before you ask it, this book is UBER-POPULAR here too (god knows Y) buying it has been a waste of time n money, and reading it was totally befuddling . what is with the sun,rain,wind, etc talking with humans , and the man+wind= sandstorm thing that happens in the... climax i suppose... i don't really get the ... humor?/philosophy?/stupidity???

message 21: by Aldrin (new)

Aldrin this is what happens when people do not like to open their minds and read through the words!!

Marisa I disagree with your opinion, but I must say your review was straightforward and no bullshit. Gotta love that! He seems to be an author that people love or hate, with no real mid-ground. I think that his writing style has a lot to do with this, and his constant presentation of spirituality being a fact rather than a belief could understandably be a turn off.

message 23: by Aldrin (new)

Aldrin yes, it could be turn off. His writing style is unique, he mixes love, faith, religion, spirituality as well. That's one of the reasons people either hate or love him. Until it gets to the point when you decide it is enough from Coelho, let's move on.

message 24: by A.R. (new) - rated it 5 stars

A.R. Rivera This book is definitely not for everyone, but it doesn't mean it's Sh#t because you dont undersstand or identify with it.
I thought it was a lovely story about a young boy becoming a man and learning to trust his instincts.

message 25: by Kinga (new)

Kinga Yeah, I love when Coelho's fans accuse us of 'not understanding' it. Seriously, a three year old chimpanzee would understand it, that's how profound it is.

If you thought it was lovely, you can write your own review stating it was lovely, and then I will comment that "Real literature is definitely not for everyone, but it doesn't mean that this book is lovely, just because you liked it"

message 26: by Kamille (new)

Kamille You saved me from reading it, thanks!

Walter I couldn't agree more with you....I was so underwhelmed when I got to the end. what a waste of time.

message 28: by Chris (new) - rated it 1 star

Chris If you only read one book a year, make sure it isn't this one.

message 29: by Abhik (new) - rated it 1 star

Abhik 100% agree

Marcie Kaplani-gall You never read it. :) Just a thought

message 31: by Keavy-krrish (new) - added it

Keavy-krrish Vienna thought of reading this book..but is it that bad???

message 32: by Aldrin (new)

Aldrin Keavy-krrish wrote: "thought of reading this book..but is it that bad???"

Those are just opinions not facts. What is really true about the book is what you will learn out of it.

message 33: by Duy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Duy Nguyen Just because one person doesn't like doesn't mean you shouldn't read it. He had fair points that he himself didnt like.

Michael Bam! You nailed it, Clint.

Jackie I didn't get it, the first time I read it either. I found it simplistic and clumsy. Then I read it again a few years later and it was a totally new experience, much more enjoyable. I believe you can read this book on so many levels, depending on your state of mind or where you are in your life at the moment. Don't trash it just yet.

Tiffany While I dislike the language you use to express your sentiments I give you thumbs up all 'round.

Stephanus Kristo Depends on your state of awareness..
Maybe you just hate yourself..

message 38: by Genesis (new)

Genesis Alejo If you don't like this book then maybe you don't have enough brain cells to understand it and definitely not give a good review on it. Now I was bot trying to be rude but, this book was written for college students and smart teenagers with a brain for themselves.

message 39: by Jane (new)

Jane hmmm. I'm experimenting with my first audio book. I probably wouldn't get too far either except that this one is read by Jeremy Irons. I will probably hang in there longer. Although I am not against introspection, I prefer to do my own!-- (having traveled also the globe, albeit not with sheep & not motivated by treasure).

message 40: by Joel (new) - rated it 4 stars

Joel Browne People will read the review of someone with an obvious hate for an authors work and let it totally dissuade them from reading the discussed novel. Try having a mind of your own yeah? How could you rule something out based on the opinion of an ignorant person? Vegetarians loved it so it must be bad. Weak.

Sarah This review is probably the funniest one here.

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

It's funny how people are thanking the bad reviewers so they don't read something that wasted another person's time. If you spend your life only doing what others say is good, you're gonna miss out on a lot of good things for yourself. Use your own opinion and not everyone else's.

message 43: by Leen (new) - rated it 4 stars

Leen thats such bullshit !!!!!, you would only say that if you you didnt get it because you have no vision ,65 million copies were sold !!!!!

message 44: by Kaos (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kaos One of the...uh..."obstacles" that many people will find with books like this is that I have been 34 and they have not been 65. If you stay curious Mr. K, there is a chance that you may someday wish to drop "(duh)" from your interests. Or maybe you haven't suffered enough yet to find something of value in a "story." Or maybe you could try listening to people more and perhaps you'll be less anxious about the urge to say something pyrotechnically spectacular, right on the money for those who believe that breaking into a heart only feels right if you break the heart as well. Yeah, well, I'm just thinking out loud so you can feel free to do the same and trash me since that's what you're thinking anyway. But that's fine. As I say to my 27 year old daughter whenever what I'm saying could sound like "advice", it's all TIOLI (Take It Or Leave It). Anyone who decides not to read a book because someone enjoys the hyperbole of licking the blade instead of curiously gongoozling for a while each day...well, they won't miss much because they've already decided that making your road by walking is for fools.

Ashish Seth Your bad review is not worth of being on top. Most of the people supporting your view are ignorant. To others I say see some positive reviews and give your judgement after reading it.

message 46: by Baburam (new)

Baburam Khadka Well..i don't think i have to really appreciate the reviews aforementioned. Wanna make a try. I'm sure it worths a reading.

Tiger Panggabean :)

message 48: by Josh (new) - rated it 4 stars

Josh Sick review....not

Rochelle Barillas Should have read your review before I wasted my time on this book lol

message 50: by Luisanna (new) - added it

Luisanna just because you dont know how to appreciate this amazing novel, it does not mean it sucks! when you learn the real literature then you can go ahead and make comments about it. And thanks for being so rude to Paulo Coelho

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