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Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning
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it was amazing
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Recommended to Kellie Maddox-Ward by: Karla

“Tears run down as I think of the days we’ve had,
And the memories will last forever,
But you and I have died and gone our separate ways.
You are the one.
You are the wrong one.
Breaking the mould.
Going your own way.
– An Epic of Wasted Time- Avenged Sevenfold.

We know that Jessica broke Sed’s heart from the last book.

We don’t know why, or how…

Until now…

We jump straight to Jessica and Sed’s break up from the first page of this book.

We find out the reason and what happened… It def wasn’t why I thought!

Sed is the definition of a ROCKSTAR.



He works hard, drinks harder and parties even harder than all of them! He is still going through the groupies 3-4 at a time, living the life of a rockstar but he misses Jess.
His body misses Jess.
His heart misses Jess.

Jess is living her life, well trying to after Sed… She is at Law School wither best friend.

Her Professor hands her an F on her final paper. (It should be noted that this Professor hates her and we do find out why later in the book!) Jess needed an A in that class to keep her scholarship.
She needs to make some money STAT..

Her bestie tells her about her cousin Aggie, stripping in Las Vegas and all the money she makes.

Jump to Brian’s bucks night…

Jace, Brian, Eric and Sed all head to “Paradise Found” for a bit of fun. Trey has wandered into a gay bar down the road.

Jace is instantly drawn to the Dominatrix on stage to the right. He foes to watch her.

The boys head to the left and sit in front of “Feather.”


Brian spits his beer out… Eric is speechless…

Sed is PISSED and instantly covers “Feather” aka Jess with his jacket and drags her out of the strip club.

There is a fight between the Sinners and the Security at the place. Trey who has returned is hit in the head with a baseball bat. The others are relatively OK.

Jess screams at Sed as he throws 1000’s of dollars at her. She tells him that she hates him and he always Fucks up her life. Before stalking off

Jump to Jess..

She’s just been fired after the fight last night as she won’t name name’s so that the security can sue the Sinners.
She has no money for an apartment.
Knows no one in Las Vegas and is seriously pissed at Sed always fucking up everything.

She decides to go to their concert to give the money back and tell him to leave her alone as he can’t fix everything.

Trying to get through Security she sees Dare (Trey’s brother and lead guitarist of Exodus End) and Jake (roadie) Jake helps Jess get through security. Jess then comes face to face with Myrna.

Although Myra is only 7 yrs older than Brian she does baby the Sinners at times. So she is looking after Sed. Has his best interests at heart. He just doesn’t agree with it.

She offers Jess a job as her assistant touring for 3 months so she can input all her data and study more groupies., so she can spend more time with Brian and also go on a Honeymoon.

Jess and Sed don’t even make it one day without falling into bed.




But can they fix what was broken the first time?
Or are they really only compatible in bed?

ANNNNNDDDD the story goes from there!

In between all the sex that Sed and Jessica have there is a side story. You may (or may not) be wondering why I randomly mentioned:

Trey going into a gay bar being hit with a Baseball bat.??
Well that’s because Trey is bi-sexual and the hit in the head plays a HUGE role in this story.

Also baby faced bad-ass Jace being drawn to a Dominatrix? Well why do you think!! (Can’t wait for his book now!)


Trey’s brother Dare and his band Exodus End – He plays a role in this story but more an introduction for the next book

Brian and Myrna still play a big part and so does.

Honest Opinion
Sedric Lionheart.. You can punish me with 10 orgasms as punishment anytime you want!!


I liked Sed in Brian’s book – I mean come on he is the ultimate bad boy… and as mentioned he is M.Shadows in my mind so I was crushing HARD but what he kept doing to Brian really pissed me off…

However we find out why he is the way he is… how and why he has to fix everything and we get some marathon sex scenes!

Nothing like what Brian & Myrna had.. It was more run of the mill vanilla hardcore sex (REALLY KELLIE? Vanilla Hardcore sex? Is there any such thing!? Ok what I mean is
… No Kink/Dress Up/Threesomes/etc… Still shitloads of steam, and hardcore pounding, several crazy positions, total SMUT …. Some great outdoor fun though! They are adventurous outdoors, Eiffel tower scene?! HHHHHAAAAWWWWTTTTT!


I like Jessica a lot… She sure knew how to play Sed. Could hold her own in an argument. Knew which buttons to push. She has a HUGE heart, and my heart broke for her at school. I’m so glad she got her own back!

I really liked that this had more of a plot than the first one. The plot was awesome actually… Some SERIOUS shit went down!
More involvement from each member of the band too…

The bromance was awesome!

I got my HEA so I’m happy! ^_^
Also a lot less errors!


“Tomorrow was my second chance to make things right but it never came. I’m sorry I never treasured the time we had for those regrets I take the blame. You gave everything you had. I took without giving back.” Sed paused in his song, feeling ridiculous for singing it to her while they made love.

“Baby, you realize this song is about Trey’s dead dog, don’t you?”



You don't see me
Blind to the real me
I'm not who you think I should be
But I can't be someone I'm not
I'll try to be who you need,
what you need,
I fail again
tear me, cut me make me bleed
If it opens your heart to me
Just don't leave me with nothing
less than nothing
Like the last time
use me
It's better than existing without you

~Sed's lyrics”


“Can I book an appointment for make-up sex in two hours?



“I'm in your business, Trey. I'm so far in your business, your grandchildren will call me partner.”


“Sed Kissed her on the forehead. "You know what I hate about you?"

She scowled, some strange emotion stealing her breath. "What?"

"You know me too well."

"You know what I hate about you?"



"Oh yeah?"

She nodded.

He chuckled. "Baby, if that's how you show your hatred, I can't wait to see how you show you care.”


“Without you, I'm nothing. Don't you understand that?”


“He sighed and wiped a hand over his face. If there were a Jessica Chace instruction manual, it would be written backwards in Arabic Pig Latin and twelve thousand pages long with random pages missing.”


“I love those dimples."
He hated the damn things, but if they made her happy, he'd be sure to smile like a dipshit more often.”


“Did you piss your pants, Eric?”
“Sed did it.”
“Sed pissed your pants?” Trey shook his head slightly. “Man, that takes pissed off to a whole new level.”
“I think that’s pissed on, not off,” Brian said.”


“You fuckin' rock, baby," he murmured.
"You rock at fuckin', baby.”


“Sed’s heart sank to his toes. Too late for that. He was already on the boat. Was Jessica planning to kill him and then dump his body overboard before sailing off into the sunset with his drummer and bassist?”


“He's really sweet, actually."
"I don't think we're talking about the same Sed. Sedric Lionheart. Tall guy. Broad shoulders. Blue eyes. Short black hair. Body befitting a Greek god. Sings. La la la la.”


“F. An F? She gulped air. An F! Failure. Failurino. Failurocity. Failtacular. Failpendous.”


“The best day of my life used to be the day I asked you to marry me onstage in Pittsburgh, but as memorable as that was, today has been even better.”
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Isabella Francesca Looooove your review Kellie!! My favorite scene from them was the one at the Eiffel tower and Sed giving jess 10 orgasms. I wish I was jess. Lol

Kellie Maddox-Ward Isabella Francesca wrote: "Looooove your review Kellie!! My favorite scene from them was the one at the Eiffel tower and Sed giving jess 10 orgasms. I wish I was jess. Lol"

thanks!! OMG how amazing is he! I love him and wish I was Jess as well!

It's just me Shelly B Great review!!!!

Blacky *Romance Addict* Awesome review Kellie :)

Karla “You fuckin' rock, baby," he murmured.
"You rock at fuckin', baby.”

Love that line! Sed is the encore man...he just keeps giving, over and over!! He aims to please and please he does. EXCELLENT review Kellie!

Vishous great review Kellie! :)

message 7: by Dd (new) - rated it 2 stars

Dd Great review Kellie!!:))

Kellie Maddox-Ward Thanks ladies!

And Karla i loved that line!

Julie Thanks Kellie - - amen to this....You can punish me with 10 orgasms as punishment anytime you want!!

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