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The Miles Edgeworth Files by Kenji Kuroda
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Feb 25, 2009

really liked it
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Read in February, 2009

OK, so I ripped open the package and devoured this in two hours when I got home from work tonight. I'm a nerd. Sue me. Sue my pants right off.

This volume of the Phoenix Wright manga centers around Miles Edgeworth, the sexy, sexy prosecutor who is arguably the world's first gay video game hero. (Some argue that he is just dainty.) He is Phoenix Wright's uptight rival/friend/gay love interest. Tension and jokes abound.

To be honest, some of these comics didn't make much sense at all. Maybe it's just a weird translation. But that's not to say they didn't make me laugh.

It's the little things that cracked me up. Edgeworth buys a magazine called "Prosecutor's Friend" that includes a pull-out poster of the Judge. Phoenix and Maya argue about whether the Pink Princess is "sexy." Franziska goes whip shopping. It has its heartwrenching moments, too. Edgeworth goes to criminal lengths to keep sweet little Pearl from seeing a movie with a sad ending. Phoenix tries to convince Edgeworth that he is not alone in the world.

I really wouldn't recommend this to people who haven't played the games. They just would not understand it at all: you need to know going into it that Edgeworth is uptight and Phoenix is a slob and Gumshoe can't do anything right and Maya loves to eat and Franziska is a bitch. This book made even less sense than the first volume, and most of the humor comes from having fun with the foibles of characters that have been established in 3 games (Apollo Justice isn't mentioned here). It would be just like when I tried to jump into volume 6 of Fruits Basket: I had no idea what was happening. But Ace Attorney fans who have a soft spot for Edgey (hey, ladies!) will not be able to help but dig this.

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