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The Last Straw by Jeff Kinney
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Feb 23, 2009

it was amazing

in this book greg thinks he is perfect so instead of making new years revoulutions for himself he makes them for other people. it did not work because his dad kept cheating on his diet, rodfrick kept hitting him, manny will not get rid of his pacifire, and his mom keep chewing her potato chips so loud. apently to greg the older you get the less fun presents you will recieve at christmas because his family members gave him a stick of deoderant and a travel dictionary in his stocking. he said the closest thing he got to a toy was from his uncle charlie and he got him a plastic ring with a net attact to it and you are supposed to throw all of your dirty clothes in there and do your own laundry. which his mom made him use.at schopol he heard that someone dug a hole and started jumping in and out of it when he kept doing it diging deeper each time he apparently they think that methode work and how that could be useful to them so greg and rowley treid it but the parents was against it soinstead they made a time capsule. after that there was a the if that stole the teachers dictionary so when she went out of the room greg and his friends went and got alex aruda who was the best detective in the class. but whenthey got there alex had no idea what was going on because he was just reading a book so he agreed he would help if they pay him five dollars it turns out he was studying for a vocab test with the dictionary so when somebody else put up the dictionary they got caught and loss recess. on valentines day instead of puting things he does not mean he wrote down how he feel about everyone that includes insults he actually made himself one just to hide who sent them.at the end of the year the girl greg likes, likes rowely so during summer breakhe meets a new girl he likes.

this book was a good ending to a series and I recomend this to any one who like the series and I am sure they will enjoy this ending.
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