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Flawed by Kate Avelynn
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OH crap! I want to read this book...but ummm, after reading Forbidden and how it shattered my heart to the point of becoming inconsolable and not able to read another book for like a week, I am so scared to read this. Though these crazy, twisted, sick stories are always the ones that jump out at me and I always take the bait, I am just not sure if I can stomach this one. My heart is fragile as it is. Ugh, maybe I'll give it a chance at some point.


*SOB SOB SOB* What the fuck was that??????? OMG....O.M.F.G. I can't review this right now. I have to blow my nose ten times and sob on the bathroom floor for a little bit.

~Review soon~

This is going to be a hard review to write. I am still in shock and utter disbelief over this book...the ending. First of all, I want to commend the author for writing about such a taboo subject. I can't imagine how hard it was to write some of these scenes. I read Forbidden and vowed to never read a book like that again. I was tore up for days over that book and though this one is slightly different, it still had the same impact. Forbidden is actually one of my all-time favorite books ever and it happened to be the most devastating read for me as well. But this one was different. I loved it and some parts had me yelling and wanting to reach into my nook and strangle Sarah silly. But honestly, this was a very hard book to read.

We have Sarah. She's about to be a senior in high school, she has one more year to be in the same house as...him. Her sick, asshole abusive father. She only has to endure one more year of his abuse and advances. But it's too much. Can she really survive one more year of his sickish fucked up tirades? *cringes*

James, the savoir...the big brother who would do anything to protect his little sister from their father. Even if it meant locking her up so she can never see the outside world, except for him. When they were little, they made a pact that they would always be together...always stay together and live their lives, well together and she promised to never leave him. Except, both of their meanings differed. Where James wanted more from her than her love as a sister, things got complicated. She loves her brother, more than anyone...but not in the way James assumes. And though she would do anything for him since after all, he did throw himself in front of their father on more than one occasion to save her and for that he had bruises and scars to show the lengths he'd take to save her, it's a different kind of love. And in the end, it doesn't work in his favor.

Sam Donavan...the amazing sweet guy whom I fell for instantly. He is, was I should say James' best friend since they were young. He was always by James's side. But also, he was in love with Sarah for years and never did anything about it...until now. But it might be too late. James has Sarah locked up like a prisoner. He wants to protect her from their father, but ends up wanting her for himself. He doesn't want her talking to his friends, go to college or get a job. He wants to do everything for her and in turn she has to do everything he wants. It's really sad. Sam tried to protect her and save her from all the shit she was forced to endure. But it broke my heart...he did his best. I wanted to punch Sarah on more than one occasion. She was stupid...really stupid. He offered her such an amazing future and he put his own future plans on hold for her. He had such a bright life ahead of him. *takes deep breaths* But he was so set on taking Sarah with him and then....*wipes stupid tears* and then, shit just gets real.

This book pissed me off, moved me, made me swoon, made me cry, made me cringe, made me laugh, made me scream and last but not least, made me die inside. It was so powerful yet so devastating. I wasn't sure which way was up or down. I eventually understood why Sarah did some things but I was still upset with her. Her sick ass father finally got what he deserved, though I think he deserved far worse. Sam's mom was a saving grace in this. OMG, my fucking heart shattered into little pieces for that woman, yet it seemed to mend the slightest bit as well. James was so sick but my heart was also hurt for him too. It's not exactly his fault he turned out that way. And it was...I just...*deep breaths, deep breaths Annie* I didn't hate him even though I wanted to. I wanted to hate him so bad....*breaths breaths breathe* But in the end, I just sobbed for him...them. All of them. What a clusterfuck of shit they all went through. Seriously.

The end. I can't...but just....Oh GAWD, *sob sob sob* Why??? Whyyyyyyyyy? Though this book was different than Forbidden, it was still the same numb, shocked feeling I felt. I eventually loved the characters and felt for all of them. I wished things had gone differently. I wished some things didn't happen. I wished some things did. I just wish. It's so hard to put into words what this book made me feel. How am I supposed to feel when I can't make sense of it all? Why did she? Why didn't she? Why why why.....that's all I can think. That's the word that comes to mind. But then again, being placed in her shoes,would I have done the same thing? I keep trying to figure that out. I guess in some weird crazy way, there is a happy ending of sort...but not the one we'd expect. Only thing I can say is thank God for Liz.

Well done Kate. This book was hard to get into at first. I was very hesitant to read it but the writing was so real, it pulled me in pretty quick and I couldn't stop thinking about it when I wasn't reading it. So I guess that means something, right? I did enjoy it though, heartbreak and all.
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Quotes Annie Liked

Kate Avelynn
“James is why I never left. I should have left.”
Kate Avelynn, Flawed

Kate Avelynn
“This is my first real memory of James. In every memory before that, he’s just a flash of color, a warm body with a blurred face, a comforting voice begging me not to die. When he planted himself between our father and me that day, an eight-year-old with small fists clenched at his sides, I think I fell in love with my brother.”
Kate Avelynn, Flawed

Kate Avelynn
“James “Knockout Jimmy” O’Brien, Granite Fall’s very own boxing legend—a title he held until a young groupie poked holes in the condom she made him wear “for protection.”

My brother was born nine months later, fists already swinging.”
Kate Avelynn, Flawed

Kate Avelynn
“Selfish as this sounds, I meant what I said earlier,” he finally says.

I try to remember what he said, but everything is kind of a blur. “Which part?”

“The ‘I’m glad you came tonight’ part.”

So I’m not imagining the nudging or the sparks or what I could have sworn was his thumb tracing circles on the back of my hand while we walked to his car. “Mmm. Well in that case, I meant what I said, too.”

He kicks a rock I’m two steps from tripping over out of my path. “You said the potholes in Leslie’s driveway suck.”
Kate Avelynn, Flawed

Kate Avelynn
“I feel his intense gaze skimming my face and force myself to look him in the eye. This time, when he leans closer, I know what he wants. He traces my jaw with his fingertips, then moves lower to my chin. My eyelids flutter closed when he tips my face up.

Oh my God. Sam Donavon is going to kiss me.

The forest holds its breath.

I hold my breath.

Our lips brush, light as eyelashes. His fingers trail back into my hair, tilting my head. Hot cinnamon dances across my mouth.

I’m drowning.

And then my name, roared at the top of familiar lungs, cracks the silent night.”
Kate Avelynn, Flawed

Kate Avelynn
“He stabs his fingers through his drying hair and resumes his pacing. “You think I don’t know this went really fast? I didn’t plan for this to happen. Hell, I didn’t even know if you’d let me talk to you, much less be with you. But then you did and we did and…” He stops in the center of the room and stares at me, his shoulders sagging. “I figured out pretty quick that this is a forever thing for me. I think it has been from the very beginning.”
Kate Avelynn, Flawed

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14.88% "Not sure how I feel about this one. It feels really weird, definitely not like Forbidden. I loved Forbidden, but this one just feels wrong. It's all wrong. And there is no dual pov, which I loved in Forbidden. But I'll give it a chance."
January 1, 2013 –
page 60
17.86% "Okay, I'm totally digging Sam but James has got to quit being such an overprotective brother...get over it and let her talk to other guys. Dammit. This book is frustrating! I get it, I do. But seriously."
January 1, 2013 –
page 100
29.76% "Oh shit, this is heartbreaking! James...Sam....Sarah. Gah, I want to cry for them all. Fuck, I want to beat the shit out of the father and cut his dick off. Ahhhhhhh :("
January 2, 2013 –
page 170
50.6% "Ahhhhh, shit!!!!!!! This is tearing my heart out. God, I'm going to be a sobbing mess here soon. Please stop...Sam you're such a sweetheart!!! It's hurting my heart...James, you're a sick fuck! I understood a little but goddamn, this is getting repulsive. :("
January 2, 2013 –
page 260
77.38% "Oh the water I hate everyone in this book. Why am I still reading it? Poor Sam. I hate Sarah. I hate James. But Sam has to fucking suffer. He deserves better. I even like Alex. Ugh this books is making me nuts and according to my ereader, I only have 20 pages left. Shit!"
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Donna {Book Passion For Life} I'm with you on this, it sounds amazing but I can't handle an ending that isn't a happy one, so I'll probably pass! lol

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

You should give it a chance! It's got the perfect balance between dark and light.

Annie Brewer I know, I want to but I'm so scared. My heart broke so bad after Forbidden, I'm afraid it will do the same damage. But I will consider this soon.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

It's not quite the same book as Forbidden, I can tell you that. The incest isn't exactly consensual (but it doesn't go very far either so don't worry!)

Annie Brewer Okay....I will so give this a try. But I'm sure I'll need therapy for my emotional state once I finish. Or anti-depressants.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Most likely. Keep some tissues around. I can't wait to see what you think!

message 7: by Misty (new)

Misty This is something that I definitely won't be able to read.
I bought Forbidden because everyone was raving about it, but haven't been able to bring myself to read it yet. Maybe I will one day.
This one, with the non-consensual stuff and mentally unstable brother hits too close to home for me :(

Annie Brewer I'm gonna try this one....soon.

message 9: by Harman (new)

Harman ahhhh! u r sooo lucky I want to read it sooo bad, butmy kindle won't cooperate.. :(

Christy This was good, but I preferred Forbidden!

Dawn Hickman just wait...the ugly cry will be coming up soon. sorry to tell you.

message 12: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I've been thinking about attempting this it worth it?

Brooke Gotta read this. I'm a sucker for taboo as well. I loved Forbidden and that didn't end too well:(

Annie Brewer Sarah, I'm so upset. This book hurt...shattered my heart. Not as good as Forbidden but it was good. I think it's worth it, though there were a few cringe-worthy moments. But if you can get past that, it's good.

message 15: by Sleepy (new) - added it

Sleepy i LOVE your review,it makes me want to really read this book and forbidden but at the same time want too stay far away from them both!! But I'm always looking for a book that can bring out so many emotions and from your review it seems this book does that so i will definitely be putting both on my tbr list!

Annie Brewer Thanks! They are both amazing but you'll be feeling every emotion out there. Love these type of books!

Staceyl Hanmer I just finished reading Forbidden and after reading your review, Even though I'm still feeling a bit raw from all my crying I'm going to get stuck into Flawed. Thank you Annie!

message 18: by Shelbie (new) - added it

Shelbie I was completely in love with Forbidden. One of my favorite books. And then I gave this one a chance. Holy damn I was not prepared for this book. I wasn't reading for my emotions to be taken out, slammed on the ground, drowned, wrung out, and the shoved back in my body... Seriously

Rachel Hendrickson Read the alternate ending; it will make you feel better. I like to pretend it is the actual ending.

message 20: by Kaitlyn (new) - added it

Kaitlyn Patterson i like to pretend it was the actual ending too. my state of mind can't handle to believe anything else ha ughhh this book made me bawl

Taylor Niechelle I cried and when i say cried i sobbed loud obnoxious!!! I lived how hard the ending hit me but didnt like it all together!! I wanted a different turn of events and maybe some piece of a happier ending it was so gut wretchingly ttragic omg! Theres just no words! I read it in less thean 24 hours and its was so compelling and just crazy! I couldnt stop the ending though! Oh boy the ending! Like i myself was shot in the heart! Killed me i havent been able to stop thinking about it! I know its just a book but i cant get it out of my head! To the point where im looking everywhere for a new book just get it out of my mind! Lol but still couldnt have been written better or more detailed all around for it to have this effect on me, its an amazing book and a must read in my eyes!

message 22: by Rahul (new)

Rahul Hello. Mam can you please tell me that sarah loved sam or james in the end.

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