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Making Him Wait by Kay Jaybee
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Nov 28, 2012

it was amazing

Oh my goodness what an incredible read in so many ways...I have just finished the last page, its had me addicted for 3 whole days. This review has been a long time coming as I wanted to find the time to completely indulge myself.

I loved, loved, loved this full length longer novel as I was able to get fully immersed in the imagination of Miss Jaybee; now I'm gutted its over... so where to start as I loved every page. The idea for this novel is genius and is so different from any book I've read.

Being a brilliant erotic artist Maddie Templeton sees art in everything, her speciality is erotica that captures not just the essence of sexual fantasy but the emotions that go with it. Each work of art involves getting her models to reveal those sexual emotions for her to capture; it requires her unique way of working with her models by building the sexual tension and her saying "The waiting only makes it sweeter".

The sexy hunk Theo Hunter is hired to do some lighting in her studio and is intrigued by the pretty unconventional artist, so Maddie decides to test him, if he likes her, he will wait, and she embarks on testing just how keen and genuine this guy is.

Kays creative use of using phone texting introduces and involves us with Theo even though he may not be in the scenes, we can sense his impatience as she teases him in many different, unique ways, mostly using Maddie's mobile and its camera giving snippets away about what she was doing with her models.

This is phone voyeurism at its best, I actually felt so sorry for him many times as she teases and promises things to him, how long will this last though? You know you have a good book when it invokes different emotions and Making him wait does just that.

We get to meet Maddies sexy models and watch how they become more comfortable with their bodies and due to Maddies (Kay's) clever use of dominance and submission they learn about themselves sexually becoming confident and sexy within. Sexual tension is the key to this book and Kay is the Queen of that.

Will Theo and her models exact revenge of being made to wait, or is Maddie in control all the time anyway, the clever use of ideas actually make the reader unsure whose in charge at some points this is genius!

Maddie has the chance of a lifetime to display her art in a gallery in London and has little time to get twelve pieces of her best work ready. I loved Kay's resourcefulness and ideas, who needs canvas and paint when their are other mediums to work on......? I feel Kay knows quite a bit about the art world and has introduced us, as the reader in combining her knowledge of artistic mediums within the book to make the story so very unique.

I loved the fact Maddie's ex girlfriend Tania and her deceitful ways were thrown into the mix, will she destroy what Maddie has worked so hard for?

One of my favourite chapters combines Maddie teaching Tania a lesson at sametime as telephone sex with Theo. This is the ultimate in telephone sex oh wow but I'm not telling you anymore, you really do have to read this book yourself.

Making him wait is certainly not for feint hearted or vanilla lovers, its super charged sexual tension with plenty of orals, f/f, f/f/m and a m/m and a 4some. What is even more clever is that Kay has made sure its not just her characters that are left waiting for that perfect moment; its true it really does make things sweeter and its all completely believable.


The whole plot was incredibly imaginative, so clever and exciting to follow and I loved the longer length of the novel it was brilliant to lose myself in Maddies world completely. The whole story grips you with sexual tension running high throughout and I love Maddie; what a fantastic character she's so relatable and I love combination of dominatrix and artist it fits together so well.
I also loved the image on the front cover Sweetmeats press make a fab choice with this, its so modern and super sexy and perfect for this storyline!
If you love dominance in your erotica Dont....wait to read this book, it oozes sexual tension, submission and dominance at the turn of every page an incredibly addictive read. Making him wait is an alltime favourite of mine with Kay's work so far.

Kay....please dont make me wait for another like this it was brilliant and I loved it, can we have a part 2!

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