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Bone Song by John Meaney
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Feb 15, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: science-fantasy, cool-setting

I picked this up on a total whim and didn't open it until I needed reading material while waiting at the doctor's office.

Then I ended up reading most of it while on "typing breaks" at work. (I do have RSI, but perhaps I did sneak in more chapters than strictly necessarily...)

It's grim and gritty and unflinching and just a touch of wry, set in a world where people swear, "Thanatos!" and wraiths operate the elevators. I think I got captivated when the main character, Police Lieutenant Donal Riordan, is in a hurry to get out of his 27th-floor office and elsewhere. The cleaners happen to be working on the windows, so he grabs some liquid-metal gloves, jumps out, and grabs the cleaners' cable to slide on down. The convenient taxi starts to speed away when its driver sees him, but:

Just then a dark shape shot into the road from beyond the HQ steps. Amber eyes blazed and the taxi screeched to a halt, rocking on its suspension.

One of the police deathwolves kindly stops the taxi for Donal.

Donal is good at his job but hardly perfect; I was astonished at the level of screw-up Meaney allowed him, which in its way was the climax of the book for me. But that event has repercussions throughout the rest of the story, handled with surprising deftness despite its repetitive reappearances.

I actually objected a bit whenever the POV swung over to other characters, because I was that focused on Donal, but let's say that I got my comeuppance for that.

I'm anxious about the sequel, which I'll read but I think may have been set up for disappointment. We'll see.

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