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Affinity by Sarah Waters
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Feb 15, 2009

it was ok
Read in March, 2009

Generally, I don't pick up random books at Barnes and Noble that I don't already know a little about. However, I made an exception with Affinity because it intrigued me so. I come to find out that was a pretty costly mistake.

Firstly, the book dabbles in the supernatural psychics world which I already hold a serious distrust for. However, I thought this book might present the spiritual medium's world in a light that's a little more pretty and entertaining. No, instead I still feel oddly at ends with the character Selina, who is a medium in jail for a crime relating to her seances. This distrust grows and grows until the climax of the book where it tops off as disdain, ending with me disgusted with the main character a delicate woman by the name of Margaret.

Secondly, I disapprove of the frailty of women back before the turn of the century. This book is entirely devoted to a main character who can't deal with situations with a level head or a rational outlook. Instead she is swayed by every emotion possible, sometimes resorting to drugs to deal with her "horrible headaches." She faints at every instance, "feels ill" any time there's confrontation and tends to side with her romantic view of people which ends up costing her dearly. I disapprove of her melancholy methods of dealing with her grief and I also disapprove of her inability to assert herself or read people truthfully.

Thirdly, the book is developed slowly and very wordy. Pages are drawn out in a way that's neither enticing or beautiful, but more lengthy and boring. I felt as if I was pushing over words to get the point towards the end of the book. The character's a built for chapters and chapters, and I disapproved of the somewhat lesbian relationship that developed, not because it consisted of two females but because it was stupid and based on nothing substantial. Margaret needed SOMETHING to cling to and it ends up being an incredibly stupid thing for her to do. More proof that delicate, unsteady women prove to be dumb in the end.

On a nicer note, I awarded this book two stars because it DID catch my attention towards the end after the climax. Although I already knew the ending because I could read through the character's emotions straight to the facts and the proper villains. I was frantically turning pages at the end hoping to get to the final conclusion, proof that my speculations were correct. As they were.
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Maureen try reading the spiritualist by megean chance.....great read and i think it might be what ur looking for.

Anastasia Thank you for the suggestion Maureen!
I'm looking for anything to pacify this negativity I have for mediums and seances.
Looking forward to reading it!

Tabatha I can't disagree with you on this. It also intrigued me, with it's trickery, only to be a disappointment. I think in this instance she was trying too hard. Also I agree that their relationship was based on nothing substantial. I wish I would have paid more attention to the things that you had, and maybe not wasted my time reading the rest. haha. :)

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