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Go Ask Alice by Beatrice Sparks
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What drug you would have to be on to believe that this was a real diary?

Maybe Squeaky Clean Jesus Powder.

And yes, this is coming from someone who has never done drugs, and believes strongly in the illegality and deleterious effects of all drugs, including (and in some cases especially) marijuana.

I cannot tell you how much I hate the hypocrisy of missionary efforts like this one. "Oh, here's an idea! I'll wrap my didactic message in a 'true' story! My lies are sanctified by the holiness of my crusade against drugs/satanism/homosexuality. God hates these things, therefore God is on my side!"

I love the part where Miss Anonymous Narrator from this true true true story forgets whether her pet, Happiness, is a cat or a dog. Beatrice Sparks, may you burn in the flaming pits of heck.

Oh, Mormonism. I try to respect you. Really, I do. I so admire the early work of Orson Scott Card. The work you did rebuilding New Orleans deserves nothing but praise. Your 'wholesome family values' are cloying and myopic, but decent rules to live by, for the most part.

I try so hard to think of you as a real religion, and not a crazy cult full of God-blinded chumps being preyed on by a few vicious frauds.

But then you pull something like THIS BOOK.

Really? Stephenie Meyer AND Beatrice Sparks? What is it that you DO to your female authors? Why do they think it's alright to lie in interviews?

I was feeling sort of shame-faced about bringing up the heavy-handed plugs for Mormon theology (Mormon concept of 'resurrection,' insistence on eternal families.) I don't usually like bringing up a religion just to criticize. I took this line out of an early version of this review: "Sparks, you are every bit as bad as the straight-laced missionaries who show up at my door with a sales pitch and a smile and a watered-down version of their religion specifically crafted to be palatable to non-believers like me."

But then I read the wikipedia article on Beatrice Sparks.


Sparks was entrusted with the true diary of a genuinely suicidal boy, but rather than editing it and printing it as the family wished, she used it as a platform for her personal crusade against satanism-- which the boy was not involved in. Needless to say, a horrific violation of trust, and a flat refusal to offer anything but trite, simplistic answers in the face of monumental grief and loss.

She then went on to become a TEACHER employed by Brigham Young University-- the church's cornerstone for cranking out more good Mormons, despite the fact that she habitually lied about her educational background (she advertized herself as a PhD, which she did not have) and her counseling credentials (she had none, and yet became a youth counselor.)

Please tell me wiki is wrong, because this smacks of something wrong at the very top.

I really feel I ought to smoke a joint now, just to distance myself from such narrow-minded, groupthink pablum. My rating is for my sense of violation and because the author is an embarrassment to everything she stands for, not because the writing is expressly atrocious.
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Spider the Doof Warrior Hehehe. Squeaky clean Jesus powder. I love that.

drowningmermaid Synesthesia wrote: "Hehehe. Squeaky clean Jesus powder. I love that."

If you go to a party and they lace your drink with it-- watch out!

I've been there, man, it's a bad trip. Too bad I didn't keep a diary.

Spider the Doof Warrior LOL! Yeah, they'd have to hide the white sheets and sandals because you'd run around preaching at people all night long.

Kaethe "My rating is for my sense of violation and because the author is an embarrassment to everything she stands for, not because the writing is expressly atrocious. "

Although it should be said that the writing is ALSO atrocious.

drowningmermaid Kaethe wrote: ""My rating is for my sense of violation and because the author is an embarrassment to everything she stands for, not because the writing is expressly atrocious. "

Although it should be said that the writing is ALSO atrocious."

Well... I've read worse. And it got free points because it was supposedly a teen diary... I might even have given it a free star if it had just come out and admitted it was propaganda. Maybe a few more references praising Our Glorious Leader and have the murderous dope-heads at the end turn out to be capitalist spies... It'd be more honest, anyway.

Kaethe Indeed.

message 7: by Amy (new)

Amy What is wrong with this woman?!

drowningmermaid I can't help but also think that there is something wrong with the institutions that prop her up. Like the publishing industry that has a few gems like her. But yeah, do you like how even the goodreads bio of her basically says she's a lying liar who lies?

message 9: by Amy (new)

Amy Lol I do, but to be fair, I think any librarian can edit the content of an unclaimed author profile.

Melissa While I do not think prohibition deters drug use at all, I personally believe it to be to the contrary...I do wholeheartedly agree with everything else you said in your review. I find dishonesty and fraud, no matter what the goal, to be reprehensible. To overlook or excuse the authors immoral and even criminal acts, is in my mind, far worse than most of the behaviors she rails against. And although drug addiction is a terrible illness it can at least be treated, and if done so within an educated and informed society, generally, quite successfully, which is more than I can say for a society that supports and overlooks the kind of human being behind this propaganda rag. B. Sparks entire life/career is an exercise in criminality.

Majenta Wow. Thank you.

Kendall Moore The ACTUAL true stories surrounding these books needs to be told. Thank you Sir.

message 13: by LA (new) - rated it 1 star

LA Ayers Omg! I didn't know about the Satanism/suicidal kid thing. That is just terrible.

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