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Born of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Spoilers are abound in this review. Read at your own risk.

Okay, well I lied about Darling's book being my last Kenyon novel and ended up doing this one on a dare. Why? Because I am silly like that and am just a glutton for punishment, especially since I know the punishment before it is even spoken -.-

Anyway, it's basically like any other book Kenyon has ever written. The only thing that consistently changes? The character names, nothing more, nothing less. We have the same setup for love, plot, back stories, and the always favorite, nonexistent character development. Is it bad I'm starting to wish that more novels had men or women in it without tragic or abusive histories? I mean, I love tragic heroes and heroines just as much as the next gal, but this is honestly a formula that has run its course long enough, especially with Kenyon.

I know the world is not perfect, and no one should be, but you can give a character a nice life without inducing a constant truck load of angst and still make them flawed. It would be nice to see a break from this shit, or at least, make it turn out a different way and do it well so readers like me don't eye roll at every single case of abuse or wrong that was brought up to make the hero/heroine more sympathetic. As said, you've made your point Kenyon. I get the hero was tortured/beaten/treat horrendously as soon as they left the womb. You don't have to keep shoving it in my face with all these mistreated revelations.

As usual, I hated the heroine. Why is they are always stupid, childish, easy with a capital E, weepy, and being utterly weak? Kiara I thought could be different and I was willing to allow her a pass for the first half of the book because she had been sheltered and it made her foolishly naive. But then as she became more aware of how the world works, and still remained completely foolbrained, the pass was gone. Actually, how can a daughter of a military commander even be so blind to the world? She even saw her mother killed and knows people are not NICE.

Then she actually has the audacity to wonder how her love interest can do what he does, especially when he did it to save her miserable life only to have her look down on him for it anyways? What really made me hate her was probably the way she acted when she found out Nykrian was alive. She was MAD at him for not telling her he was alive? Ummm, shouldn't you be happy he's alive and not dead, like you were going on about only moments before? She then even tells the baby growing inside her that if it turns out like its father, she'll beat it until it bleeds. W.t.f? This bitch is on some other shit.

That's another thing that bugs me, the heroine ending up pregnant every single time. Seriously, do these guys not even think of wearing condoms at all? So much for caring about the heroine, though she's just as much to blame for not bringing it up.

The hero was okay I suppose, but like Darling and Kenyon's other heroes, he's nothing more than a walking sex stick. There's no depth to him, no uniqueness, nothing. Yet, by now, I've gotten used to it.

No need to even talk about the plot because it was also stupid and if you've read any other Kenyon novels, this one's ending is no different. I could rant about other things about this book, but honestly, I've had no sleep and I'm exhausted from reading this shitstorm. So glad I borrow books from the library now instead of buying them.
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message 1: by Natasha (new)

Natasha Shoot. Just left a comment on your Born of Silence review telling you not to read this one. Wish I browsed about on this site more often. Could have saved you the pain of this one.

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