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O Come All Ye Kinky by Sarah Frantz
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Bound for the holidays, anyone? This delightfully kinky anthology is filled with authors I really enjoy. If you are into the holiday spirit and want to read some kinky BD and D/s, this book is for you! The majority is m/m smexy romance. Each story is crafted with a message of love and romance. Delightful!

Ms. Davitt kicks off the anthology with a dysfunctional D/s relationship. It's painful to watch the misunderstandings and miscommunication. I felt badly for the Dom who is trying to find his way while being treated with disrespect. It's a different perspective, to see it from the Dom side who isn't perfect and is struggling. Once again, Ms. Davitt does an excellent job of showing a D/s relationship without lecturing. Loved it! 3.5 stars for this one.

Ms. March's Regency romance hits the spot with her romantic m/m Christmas gift. Ms. March's distinctive style throws the reader into this period perfectly. The reader can visualize the rooms, clothing and objects clearly through her descriptions. Her characters are also ones I really enjoy. There's something very appealing and naughty about Regency with a m/m kinky twist. Love it! 3.5 stars for this one too.

The duo authors Katie Porter wrote a f/f piece. I love f/f stories so this is fine by me. The story itself was pretty fucked up. As in, the main female character was emotionally dysfunctional and I didn't like her one bit. The story resolved nicely into a happily ever after, but the journey was a bit torturous for me. The fireworks part with flogging, now that scene was hot! I liked it. 3 stars for this one.

Ms. Witt's Candy Caning was sweet and sticky. It would have been very dirty and hawt to have the thick long candy cane sliding up an ass, but the reader is denied! Instead, the reader and sub is treated to a lovely little bit of mindfucking. The story is still smexy hawt which is I've come to expect from the talented Ms. Witt. 3 stars for this one.

Ms. Hill's Submissive Angel was a complete confusion for me. I was lost the first chapter or two. Is this a vampire piece or not? Honestly, I had no bloody clue. I thought Robert may have been a vampire but then the rest of the story didn't make it clearly apparent. The story was kind of like an acid trip at times. This surprises me because I'm a huge fan of Ms. Hill. What she does do, is treat the readers to a delicious BD scene. The sensual tension in this story is a slow cooker building up the heat. It's really quite a beautiful piece between two lovely characters. I'm just not sure I understood it all or followed the story that well. There were too many questions left open for me to really becoming fully engaged and vested in the story. 3 stars for me.

Mr. Smith's menage was all over the place for me. It's as if half of the story was in the author's head. The reveals were a bit too late and without points of reference, the reader is lost. Is it Zach or Hannah? Is there a dick or is there not a dick? What happened? There are so many questions. Perhaps it's because it's a short story which causes it to be so vague. There was definitely a large pink elephant in this room and it took me a long time to figure out that the elephant wasn't exactly pink. This kind of story writing doesn't do it for me. I still liked the characters and where it was going, but it made me work too hard to figure out all the pieces and still, I'm missing too many to give me a satisfied feeling. 2 stars for this one.

Ms. Snow's story is sad. It reminds me of one of my favourite stories - Russian Bear by CB Conwy. The violence perpetrated against a person because of their sexual orientation is a heinous crime. This kind of senseless violence infuriates me. The victim of said crime, even after they physically heal, they are never mentally and emotionally the same. This story presented an excellent aftermath story. It is enjoyable and moving for a reader. 3.5 stars.

Ms. Dare's story was delightful! This anthology comes full circle with miscommunications between a Dom and sub. In this one, it's painful to watch how much the submissive struggles to right a wrong which he doesn't fully understand. I really enjoyed the way Ms. Dare wrote this story and how she resolved the differences into a happily ever after. And it's true, a creatively perverted Dom can easily kink up any common household item. Fabulous illustration of common twisted into kinky which made me sigh happily. 3.5 stars for this one.

This anthology is not to be missed. For those who enjoy a kinky holiday, this book is for you.

* provided by Net Galley for review*
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Katie(babs) Is there a dick or is there not a dick? Now that is the question.

♆ BookAddict  ✒ La Crimson Femme Katie(babs) wrote: "Is there a dick or is there not a dick? Now that is the question."

lol - yeah. It was pretty much like, WTF.

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