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The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank
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Feb 14, 2009

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One of my roommate's boyfriends told me that I needed to learn something about feminine mystique. He was probably right because I have never understood many things about women...like why some take so long in the bathroom, and why every time a driver is repeatedly running into the garage wall while backing out, it turns out to be a woman (why?). Sometimes I read books such as this in an effort to find feminine mystique.

Ths book is about a woman and the men she dates. The woman is on a postmodern search for a soulmate and she moves from one lover to the next.
The main problem I have with this character is that her identity is largely defined by dating and the men she is dating although her rebellion against guides to dating is an attempt at making it seem like that is not the case. This book makes me wonder if the reason some women take so long in the bathroom is because they are so lost in the search for their own identity that they can't find their way out of the bathroom stall.

The high point of this book is that it reminded me of one of my best childhood friends. The low point was that it reminded me of why we stopped being friends.
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message 1: by SomePig (new)

SomePig I love it! Bravo!

Bruna Dantas Lobato Maybe reading the Friedan's feminist classic, Feminine Mystique, would help you? Also recommend reading Virginia Woolf. Questions other than why women take so long in the bathroom and whether they are good drivers might come up.

Miriam I have read some Virginia Wolf. I liked it. I really do wonder about the duration of women in bathroom stalls though when I am at the symphony and it takes 20 min to advance to the front of the line. Especially if I have to pee a lot. The urgency of the situation is directly proportional to my curiosity on the matter. I feel it is a valid line of questioning.

Miriam Also, the problem with Virginia Wolf and feminine mystique is that she would, I believe, wholeheartedly approve of me changing the brakes on my car, hefting 60 lb bags of rock in my garden, and commanding the attention of a room full of men through my brains rather than my boobs. I have been informed that this approach to existence lacks mystique, alas, I am unwilling to reform myself, so it is really only a passing curiosity.

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