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Addicted by Charlotte Featherstone
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Feb 13, 2009

it was amazing
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Read in March, 2009

Lindsay Markham is one of the most complex heroes I've read in quite a long time. He's a progressive thinker, believing that even the low born men of society deserve their chance at fortune. Lindsay even helps his valet make a respectable return in his investments administered through Lindsay's own name, showcasing his generosity. Yet despite his intelligence and kind heart, Lindsay is plagued by his own self condemned weaknesses.

Since childhood, Lindsay has longed for his friend, Anais Darnby. As he watched her childish body blossom into womanly splendor, so did his desire and ultimately his love for her. In his mind she's an angel, the epitome of sublime perfection. Quick to stand her ground and protect others, her image inspires his lustful cravings and loving heart. Yet in an attempt to be a gentleman, Lindsay refrains from pursuing Anais sexually and pursues something far more sinful in her stead.

Lindsay's addiction to opium began while away at university. Searching for any means necessary to dilute his lust for Anais, Lindsay turned to opium as a way to dream about her flesh in a way that he couldn't exercise in real life.

Yet now, with aspirations of making Anais his wife and confident that his dabbling with opium can be easily stopped, Lindsay pursues her with single minded determination. Anais is more than an easy target having loved Lindsay for as long as she can remember. With their love proclaimed and marriage a surety, the two make passionate love upon the eve of a dawning future. Unfortunately a case of mistaken identity with a social climber sets off a domino effect of disastrous events whereby dreams are crushed and hearts are broken.

Ten months pass and Lindsay returns to England to a changed Anais. Suffering from a blood affliction that won't be explained and while her desperation to stay away from Lindsay is understandable, her quick forgiveness is not. Lindsay, expecting anger from Anais, is a bit confounded by her easy forgiveness of his crimes and is further confused by her conflicting declaration that they can never be together. Yet despite this declaration Anais is no more capable than Lindsay to keep her body from desiring his and as the two come together passionately time and again, the guilt Anais feels peaks at its breaking point.

Eventually the secret is out on Anais and the particulars regarding her affliction is revealed. My heart positively shattered at her revelation sparking tears of frustration and I must confess that for those pages my hatred for her knew no bounds. I was so worried that I would be unable to forgive Anais for her betrayal but to my wonder, the author made me see the light. I realized that I along with Lindsay were being selfish with our forgiveness and that none of this horror would have ever happened if he hadn't committed the first of many crimes between the two. And truly, there was no other recourse left to Anais and women of that time. To do any different would've found her shunned from society and even potentially cast out by her very own family.

The ending of 'Addicted' surpassed even more than I could've dared hope for and I closed the book with thoughts of the novel's complete perfection. 'Addicted' is a testament to the beauty of the human soul and our wondrous capabilities to love and be loved.
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)


You are too funny. You sound like me reading a Devyn Quinn novel. lol

Ashley Hey guys!

'Addicted' is so emotional Barbara! I had to put the book down after I read the scene where Anais finds Lindsay in the arms of that horrid b***h! His pain filled calls for Anais to come back nearly ruined me. But now he's back in England and I can't wait to read how he's going to win her back.

BTW, how do pronounce Anais? Ann-is? or Ann-ayes? It's distracting me a bit. Everytime I read her name, I've been testing out different ways to pronounce it...

Ashley Yeah, that might not be a bad idea. At least to serve as a reference and what not.

Ashley I know, Matthew was pretty hot. And I loved how Campbell made his "first time" real, you know what I mean? And he totally made up for his...earlier speed. :)

Great review by the way. I posted my thoughts on your blog.

Ashley Okay, so with 'Addicted' I'm totally hungering for Anais's secret. I mean, what is this girl's affliction?? Miscarriage is what's ringing through my head but I don't know.... I'm so hating her mother though right now. That woman is evil and what happened to Rebecca?? Does she come back into the story? They're is no resolution with regards to her actions yet. No, don't tell me. I'll find out. ;)

Ashley Okay, Discussion Topics: So obviously we should talk about addiction.

I also think we talk about the characters individually, for instance, our likes and dislikes about each and how their romance is so beautiful.

We could also maybe select some scenes we each like and explain why. Plus, I think Anais's name raises some good discussion. Are readers distracted by names that are difficult to pronounce? Should writers make an attempt to incorporate a phonetic description to give readers direction? You know, that sort of thing.

Hmmm...I'm contemplating some other things. What do you think so far??

Ashley Oh, you know what? The Book Smugglers just did a joint review of 'Angels' Blood'. I'm going to try and read it sometime today and see if I can glom any good discussion topics. Those ladies are so gifted with reviews.

Ashley I'm halfway. Sorry that it's taking me a bit. I'll try and put a good dent in it tonight.

Ashley Well so far I like the story. I'm a little mifted by Anais right now and her decision to not confide in Lindsay regarding her affliction (although this may just be because I'm so curious and I want her to spill the beans). I think Featherstone is amazing in the verbal conversations betwixt her characters. Very detailed. While on the flip side, I like that she is not over detailed regarding scenery and she gives us just enough description on the main characters to retain a continual image in my head. In other words, I think my images of Anais and Lindsay are very clear.

Anyway, all and all I'm very immersed in the story and as I said before I find it very emotional. I sympathize with Lindsay and his addiction not because I myself suffer from it but rather Featherstone has imbedded a deep attraction in me, as the reader, for Lindsay. I want him to marry Anais and I want him to stop his opium love. And I'm glad that at this point he is realizing that he does have a habit.

Hmmm, what else? Oh, I really like Anais's sister Ann. She's either supremely intelligent or Featherstone needed to up her age from 15 to 18 because this girl doesn't really sound like a girl at all.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted. ;0)

Ashley LOL! Sorry that may have been a bit more than you were asking for. ;)

Ashley Okay, so The Book Smugglers joint review was based off their typical format: Why did I read this book? Plot. Characters. Notable parts/quotes. Rating. And holy crap, I MUST have 'Angels' Blood' NOW!

Ashley No, we don't have to use their format because it's more of a "review". Unless that's how you want to term it. In my head, I was thinking various topics within the novel that we could discuss. Like addiction, betrayal, etc. I think that within the topics, the plot of the story will inevitably arise. We still have plenty of time to figure it out. I'll keep writing down my notes and discussing through this forum until we're ready to post.

Ashley Nalini Singh is in my top five writers of all time. She's a brilliant author and her novels are simply amazing. You don't review very much paranormal romance so that may not be your faveorite genre. Also, her new series, Guild Hunters, is catorgized as urban fantasy with many readers claiming that strong paranormal romance exits as well. If the genre isn't your favorite but you want some different reading material, you're in safe hands with Nalini Singh. You won't be disapppointed. Start of with 'Slave to Sensation' and five bucks says you become addicted. :)

Ashley OMG me too. Well I should be more honest, I was in complete agony that I wouldn't be able to get my hands on 'Patience' and I'm still in agony. I felt bad that her confindence took a hit from whomever it was that trashed her so unashamedly. But part of me also wanted her to focus on the all the positive reactions that came to the novel and I thought they outweighted the negative.

Yet, now here we are four yeas past the release of 'Passion' and she's still struggling with 'Patience'. I sincerely hope that if she does finish her manuscript that she hasn't cheated Matthew of the HEA and story he desereves simply based off the whims of some a**hole reader(s). But then again, I guess it shows that this particular reviewer/reader said some really, REALLY aweful things. Soul crushing things, else why are we still waiting...

I'm sure I've read the post your speaking of. I search voraciously once a month or so for info on Valdez.

And I didn't think your comment was rash at all. I agreed with everything you wrote. And my heart too, goes out to Valdez. And no matter when or if 'Patience' ever hits shelves, I'll be first in line to buy it. :)

Ashley Ah 'Wicked Burn'...I'm sure you will enjoy it Barbara, if not love it.

Ashley Barbara, have you read the excerpt for 'Passion' on Valdez's website? Sometimes, if I'm bored at work, I wonder over there and read that first chapter again. It's the most sensual start to an historical romance that I've ever read. In fact, I've never found, even after searching relentlessly, a historical romance that affected me in the same way 'Passion' did. The combination of the erotica and love was magic.

Ashley LOL, quit hurtin' yourself! :) Yeah, you just may be a bit upset that you waited this long to try Nalini. But look at it this way, while everyone has already read the series and has been waiting eternally for the next installment, you get to laugh and stick your tongue out because after 'Slave to Sensation' you still have four more books to enjoy. :) Lucky, I wish I was in your position right now. Unfortunately I fell from the very first and have since then had to wait for each subsequent installment. *sigh* waiting sucks!

Ashley LOL, I know! We always go off on tangents!! I think if we met, our conversations would spin out of control and be never ending. Good thing we converse via computer. At least the inevitable arthritis will prevent us from talking forever. ;)

Ashley I feel no qualms with bashing the basher. The same rules do not apply in my opinion. To be purposefully mean should neither go unnoticed nor unpunished.

Ashley Hey!!! That hurt... LOL, I'm soooo jealous! *sigh* I'll get my Singh fix soon though. 'Angels' Blood' comes out tomorrow and I'm going to think of an excuse to buy it. hehehehe :)

Ashley My girl is doing fabulous, thanks for asking. She's such a snuggler and I'm lovin' it!

Ashley I know, I know. I definitely need to put a pic up. Have a wonderful evening. We'll pick this up again tomorrow!

Ashley Barbara! My heart is completely broken for Lindsay. Anais's secret has been revealed and I'm sorry but despite the opium addiction and the case of mistaken identity, what Anais did to Lindsay was a much crueler crime. I can't believe what she did!!! I closed the book at the point where Anais has just explained all the details of the birth to Lindsay on the terrace and he's leaving again because there's nothing left for him. I was crying. I'm so upset. Still, I'm so upset at my throat is clogging up even now, twelve hours later...

I want Lindsay to do everything in his power to get his daughter back. I was hoping that was his plan when he stormed into the Middleton residence, but he leaves Mina there. Why??? She's his! He doesn't have to even say who the mother is. People would believe that the she may have been a mistress! But I guess that way of thinking would tarnish Mina's future. Damnit, it's just so unfair what Anais did! Her lies where so much more damnable than Lindsay's. That's my thoughts at the moment. I'm devastated for him...

Ashley I just, I can't forgive her right now and thankfully neither can Lindsay at the moment. She was going to hide this from him forever! That's what makes it even worse. She would have lied to her grave if possible. Ugg...I'm so upset.

Ashley huh, goodreads has posted that I've finished the book based on my page number. But obviously you know that's not the case. They must have the wrong page count for the book.

Ashley Yeah, I've read that she hemorraged badly after the birth and the pain she felt with Margaret fed her newborn was intense. And I suppose I CAN understand why she did it but she's also said that she gave up the child partially out of spite and in protectivness of her pride. She also admits that her pride was childish and stupid and I think she would have done things differently if she thought more rationally rather than in pure anger. I mean she even knew that the incident with Rebecca was a case of mistaken identity... But even after all her childhood years with Lindsay, knowing his fears, his dreams, she didn't trust him? That didn't fully make sense to me. She grew up with this man. Shared nearly every thought with him except her love. But Lindsay is guilty as well. He never informed her of his opium addiction and he never told her he loved her in words. He gave with his actions.

AHH, I'm still just too mad to see reason I guess...

Ashley Yes, you're right being scared, almost dying, and hating Lindsay for breaking her heart are good points for cutting off the relationship. But a child changes things. It's an innocent life. And Lindsay deserved to know. He deserved to be apart the decision making. If Anais didn't want the child, than Lindsay could have found a way to raise his own daughter.

I know, I know, it's not like Anais didn't WANT her child but Lindsay, having the power he has, could have worked something out. She didn't need to give up her daughter. And Garrett I think is a manipulative a-hole. Despite the fact that he said he would have told Lindsay had he known where Lindsay had run off too, I just can't fully believe him. Primarily because he seems to have convinced Anais that Lindsay should never know that she brithed their daughter. I mean, that's just above and beyond cruel, even for Anais. I'm starting to wonder if it's truly what Anais wanted or if it was something that Garrett convinced her to do...

Yes, I too felt Anais pain at Lindsay's betrayal but I died with regards to Anais's. But I want Lindsay to fight, not so much for Anais, but for his daughter. I want him to have her in his home, in his arms. I'm not sure that'll happen though.

Putting myself in his shoes, how horrible to have your neighbors raising your flesh in blood child despite your love and wishes. I'm just suprememly heartbroken.... I can't wait to get home and find out how it all ends. I'm wondering if I'm going to be satisified....

Ashley Yes, I completely agree that as a woman of those times, Anais had little to no choice in the matter. I think I need to reread the begining to see if her thoughts were confused or unstable regarding Lindsay's love before his betrayal. I don't recall him being indifferent to her but I also know that he never said he loved her before that night in the stable.

I suppose, no I'm sure, that if Lindsay had been more vocal in his love to Anais prior to the stable event, I think Anais would have been more secure. Featherstone did try admirably to showcase Anais's insecurities, especially with her mother and the constant reference to her sister, Ann, and her beauty. Anais's self image was really low.

*sigh* okay, you've brought up some really excellent and rational points and I can see that my anger is blinding me to Anais's position. I'm just so hurt, for both of them.... How one night and one moment can change the whole course of life is insane.

And you're right, Anais's actions were supremely human. And there is strength there in Anais too. If it were me, I would have gone to the ends of the earth to find Lindsay based soley on my fear. My fear of being pregnant, my fear of being alone, my fear of society and their ineveitable cruel actions. Her pride is rock solid.

I suppose that in the end, what I'm most angered by is Anais's decision to never tell Lindsay. By that point it's not up to her to deny his right to know he has a child.

Ashley Middleton, Robert and Margaret Middleton. Garrett Middleton is Robert's older brother and childhood friend of both Lindsay and Anais.

Ashley That's who Anais gave her daughter to.

Ashley Barbara, do think this would be too much of a spoiler to post our thoughts about the decision with the baby??

It makes for a great discussion.

Ashley You're too, competely with regards to Anais decision. But, she still should have told Lindsay. He had a right to know....

Ugg, I'm wavering on my decisions!

Lindsay not knowing would have eliminated any problems with the child...

Barbara, you make an excellent case. Well done. :)

Ashley Yeah, it's a really tough call. Hmm...maybe we should try our best to avoid it. If we do that well enough, perhaps a lot of readers with become really curious and pick up the novel to discover the truth...

Damn, but it's a good discussion.... Let's hold off on it for now and see how the discussion comes along. I'm thinking we're going to have a LOT to talk about as it is judging from our previous convo's so in an effort to preserve some mystery let's hold off on the baby talk.

In the posted discussion, I think we can safely let loose here. :)

Ashley Okay, see you in a bit.

So in the meantime, what did you think of my thoughts regarding Garrett?? Do you think he's manipulated Anais? I know I'm not finished with book, but at this juncture there seems to be evidence towards that indication...

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)


You ladies are scaring me! Hemorrhages, opium addiction and baby adoption?

How are ya'll doing anyway?

I feel left out guys... :(


Ashley Hey Lea!!

Watch out for spoilers! ;)

As you can see Barbara and I definitely have our discussion fully in the swing.

The final edited version shall appear on her blog with a pretty sweet prize too of which we're both lusting after. :)

Ashley Oh man Lea, I know you're not a huge fan of historicals but you may want to try this book out. I should send you the copy that Barbara gave me to read. It's insanely emotional and as you can see from the comments I'm a little upset... but crap Barbara makes some damn good points. She's an amazing reviewer.

I swear, with this discussion, I've thought longer and more in depth about it's plot than any other novel. It's an amazing experience in how the discussion drives you to understand your own reacting emotions.

message 38: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 04, 2009 03:06PM) (new)


I already discussed this book with Barbara and I won't read it because (a)it's about an addict; (b)it's about an addict; (c)yep, it's about an addict; and (d):::head thunks on desk::: it's a historical. So no worries about spoilers with this here puppy!!

So while yes it sounds to be an intense, emotional and well written book - sorry, not my sort of read. I read so much about addicted personalities in my professional career and have had personal experience with a close family member. Reading about addicts and the destruction that surrounds them in my fiction, sorry, not my cuppa.

We all have our "no fly zones" I'm afraid..

Ashley Ah ha, totally understand, Lea. (((hugs)) I'm sorry you've had so much experience with addiction and I can fully see how 'Addicted' is not your preferred reading material.

I hope you enjoy our discussion though. we expect it to be posted later on in the week. :)

message 40: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 04, 2009 03:15PM) (new)

Hey VFG:

No hugs or sorries necessary - I'm a big girl and have, I think the emotional resources to deal with the issues.

I just don't want to read about addicted personalities in my romance fiction if it can be helped. lol

I'm sure your review and discussion with Barbara will be great!


PS: I'm not sure how but I think I did something to your previous post - oops and sorry... Okay - I figured it out and fixed it...



No way?????????? Your so kiddding!!!!! okay, Breathe VFG, Breathe... in, out, in out...


Holy crap Barbara, that's incredible news!!

message 42: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 04, 2009 03:42PM) (new)

Yes Barbara, I'm feeling much improved, thank you..


Um, I get the idea you are just a little excited? Hmmmm... Well you enjoy and have fun..


Ashley Okay my grin is so huge that it's making my cheeks hurt!

Okay, so how are we going to incorporate her into the discussion??? Should we have her respnd to the topics?? Or respond to OUR response to the topics??? What do you think?

Ashley Duh, it's totally okay!! :) :) :)

Ashley Yes, yes, she should definitely respond to our thoughts...

OMG Barbara, you're so awesome! This discussion experience has been wonderful and pimping Charlotte has been a ton of fun! Bet we get a lot of readers to stand up and notice her, don't you think?

Oh yes, exactly like winning the lotto - jackpot!

Ashley Me too, Lea, glad to hear you're feeling better!

message 47: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 04, 2009 03:53PM) (new)


You two are too funny. If you want to attract lots of folks offer up a gift card giveaway - YIKES!!! lol

Folks you have never before heard of crawl out of cyber space to seek out the "gift card getaway zone". Then you never hear from them again! LOL

It was fun though and I found Dottie and a couple of other blogs I hadn't visited before.

I know this has nothing to do with your addict but I'm still at work and rambling here.

Just tell me to butt out. lol


Ashley Lea, please ramble away and stick around. ;)

Oh man, did that happen with your giveaway Lea? Yeah, people seem to come from far and wide for gift cards... But you're right, the experience brought some new blogs and wonderful people to your attention and that's what's important.


Ashley I'm not confident yet to do any giveaways.

Although I am trying to muster something together for the 'Lover Avenged' release. You know, gotta show the Brothers some love. :)

Here's the thing, I have a ton of books in my TBR pile that on second glance, I'm so not interested in reading. Either my tastes have evolved or I just have better books I'd rather devote my time to. So I thought about posting reviews for each book in the BDB series and give away my unread books. Then I was thinking as the final send off to my BDB week, I'd giveaway a copy of 'Lover Avenged'. What do you guys think? Decent? or yuck?

Ashley Alright, I'm feeling way more confident of my idea. Thanks Barbara. I've already started going through my piles and picked out a few.

You know I don't know what happens with why we don't want to read books we purchased. I know at the time I was dying to purchase the books yet now I just have no interest...

Like I said, I just think that tastes change or there are just better books out there to read.

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