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Highlander in her Bed by Allie Mackay
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Feb 12, 2009

it was ok
bookshelves: guilty-pleasures

This is a trashy romance novel. I've read trashy romance novels before, even medieval-era stories of knights and damsels in distress, and while they're formulaic they at least usually have some kind of plot and character development to go along with the naughty bits. Sadly, this book was about 88% naughty bits and 12% ridiculous plot, the kind in which I just kept yelling at the main character for her stupid behavior.

So a modern woman buys a 14th-century handmade bed...that's a medieval Scottish knight...whose forsworn enemies are the woman's own ancestors...and she moves it into the ancestral castle...and proceeds to have ghostly sex with him, a lot. The "forsworn enemies" part didn't last long, and the main character was supposed to be a plucky modern gal but I lost complete patience with her when she refused to believe the Scottish knight was a ghost, and thus instead must have thought he was a stalker/intruder but had no problem with that. Ack! Call the police if a strange man shows up in your bedroom and threatens you with a dagger! (No, that's not a metaphor. An acutal dagger.)

It all gets resolved in the end, they all live happily ever after - 7 centures and ancient curses be damned. The book got better towards the end, and by that time I just gave up on the author's terrible writing style and wanted to figure out how they'd finish out the formula. The naughty bits were a lot naughtier than I expected, as well, and I'd just find myself giggling at some of the metaphors and descriptions!

I did give this 2 stars, rather than 1, because it was a very entertaining birthday gift and I look forward to discussing it with Selena in full detail! We might have to underline passages to debate just what the author was thinking. (No, not *those* passages!)

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Stef Oh yeah, I'm displaying this one with pride! It was a welcome birthday gift and I'm looking forward to a little trashy supernatural romance. Bring it!

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