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The Laughing Corpse by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Feb 12, 2009

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For all the Anita Blake books - I started this series with my then friend, Meredith - she actually got me hooked that fateful summer of 2000 when I was living on her wooden floor in Brooklyn. We were both unemployed and bored and got hooked into this series. I loved Anita Blake because it was before I discovered the new genre - what I like to call "badass chicks who kick ass!" written in first person - and so she was all empowering and of course there were hot vampires and werewolves in it.

Unfortunately, Laurell K Hamilton doesn't have much taste in the way of clothing and mood...and sometimes I think she "tells" too much instead of "shows." I also think that somewhere down the line the editors decided to just give her cart blanche because she most definitely has cut and paste some paragraphs here and there from one book to another.

The other thing I find annoying is that Anita likes to pick fights for no reason and seems to have the little dog syndrome - always barking up at the big guns. And for some reason as the series goes on, the more sexual it gets and also the more ridiculous it gets. She has some interesting elements and some interesting characters and definitely isn't afraid to be violent - which I love. But then I got annoyed and moved on to other authors who still work with their editors!!! Needless to say, I stopped reading the series after Incubus Dreams. My fav of the series is Obsidian Butterfly. It has the least "retelling" and show boating.


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