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Envy by Anna Godbersen
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Feb 11, 2009

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Third Luxe book and my favorite cover to date. Could just be that it's Diana on the cover and she's my favorite character...but I really like the dress. Actually, this is my favorite book of the three as well. And I really wasn't sure it would be. What with Henry and Penelope being...shudder. But this one seemed the most real. People grew up and, in a couple of notable cases, grew spines. Whether or not it will all be too little too late remains to be seen. The fourth (and final) Luxe book, Splendor, is due out in October and will hopefully settle a few things satisfactorily.

Envy begins just a couple of months after the disastrous conclusion to Rumors. Elizabeth is inexplicably back on the scene, but not really there. Diana is floating through a fog of numb and trying to rise above the crushing blows that keep coming her way. Ditto for Henry. Lina is capitalizing on all her success and makes a surprisingly apt romantic choice. And Penelope is Penelope. You just want someone to stash her in a broom closet for Two Seconds so everyone else can take a deep breath and perhaps hatch a plan to put her in her place once and for all. And amid all this, everyone manages to sweep off on a trip to Palm Beach where much of the book takes place.

I liked the change of scenery in this one. Putting everyone together in a Florida beach hotel for several days on end forced them all to interact despite the myriad tensions criss crossing between them. It also provided several quiet moments in which several characters reflected on how they ended up in the nasty mess they're in. It was nice to see some talk of doing the right thing at the cost of short-term (even long-term) happiness. Though I do hope happiness is in the cards for the most deserving (read: Teddy, Elizabeth, Diana, Henry). I liked this one best because it seemed the most natural. Every single character, at one point or another, was able to see beyond themselves for a moment to the people around them. I hope they remember what the view was like. This continues to be a diverting series and I look forward to its conclusion.
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Katherine Are you sure it's Diana on the cover of Envy? Because I always thought Diana was the one on Rumors, and that the girl on Envy was Lina - the way they're described in the books, it makes more sense to me that way. Although the girl on Rumors does have a slightly creepy look on her face that's a bit Penelope-ish....I don't know, I just thought it was interesting how we could look at the pictures and automatically connect them with completely different characters!

Angie Katherine, you know I'm not sure. You're right, it's very interesting how differently we can picture characters in our minds. I think it was something in her expression that made me think Diana. That and the girl on the cover of RUMORS has that sinister look on her face and dark brown hair that remind me of Penelope.

Andrea Is it just me or is there something amiss with Snowden??? I thought it was strange how Will was gunned down and now I'm starting to connect the dots...

Angie I agree. And in the fourth book Teddy will somehow make it back just in time to save Elizabeth from the man responsible for her first husband's murder. Yes?

Andrea It's going to be good, can't wait.

Katherine I definitely agree with both of your predictions..I can't believe the next book's not coming out until October!

Samantha It is definitely Diana on the cover. Anna Godbersen said so on her website.

Angie Sweet. Thanks, Samantha!

Angee Wentz Wow. Great predictions gals! I was irritatingly captivated by the series... Penelope drives me crazy! I can't wait to see how the sisters untangle their mess with society.

Angie Lol. I know what you mean, Angee. I despise Penelope. I wanted Henry to push her off that ledge...

Angee Wentz Me too. Although Henry broke my heart :( it gets so frustrating how close they, ygry being the sisters, to getting everything figured out and perfect. Gr! It also bugs me how much I need to know what happens. Lol.

Angee Wentz Me too. Although Henry broke my heart :( it gets so frustrating how close they, ygry being the sisters, to getting everything figured out and perfect. Gr! It also bugs me how much I need to know what happens. Lol.

Angie I know. I cannot figure out how I still <3 Henry. But I do. *sigh*

Courtney I love Henry he's so great! Although, you're right he is so aggrivating sometimes. I mean seriuosly? Why did he have to get so drunk all the time. You know he was drunk again when he did it will Penelope

Angie Totally. Although I will say that if I had his life (and father!) and his lack of options, I'd probably be drunk all the time as well.

Courtney lol, that's true. With his life, father (lol, I like that one), and wife then being drunk or running off to Diana would be the only was to temporarily escape. And with Diana out of the picture at the end I suppose that drinking wasn't enough of an escape so off to the army he goes. *sigh* I wish he would never leave

Angie Oh, so do I. I'm very concerned about him and Teddy.

Angee Wentz I can't imagine how the author is going to make it all work but I have a feeling she may be the type of author that only gives us half of a happy ending. YIKES!

message 19: by Samantha (last edited Jul 17, 2009 04:34PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Samantha I know! What if they die? I love Henry, so I hope he'll be alright. I just reread The Luxe, and picked up on all the the forshadowing of stuff that showed up in the next two books. *sigh* I love these books!

Samantha I also think that Snowden had Will killed so he could marry Elizabeth, he's just so sketchy.

message 21: by Angee (last edited Jul 17, 2009 05:02PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Angee Wentz Yeah I agree about snowden. He is just a weird guy who was all too eager to marry Elizabeth.

Angie Sketchy is the word. I'm not okay with Henry dying. Or Teddy. Only Penelope. Maybe Lina.

Samantha I don't love Lina, but I like her enough so that I want her to have a happy ending.

Courtney I don't like Lina. I mean if you look back none of this would have really happened if it weren't for her. But I agree with Samantha. I want her to have a happy ending too. I couldn't bare it if Henry died! I would cry so much and probably end up throwing the book across the room. And if you all know Samantha, as I do, then you would know she oftens throws books across the room. As do I, lol.

Andrea Lina can go jump in a lake.

Angie Lol. I'm with Andrea.

Courtney lol, nice guys

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