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The Crab with the Golden Claws by Hergé
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Feb 11, 2009

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When Tintin's dog, Snowy, goes scavenging in trash and gets his muzzle stuck in a can of crab meat, that leads Tintin on an adventure. This adventure starts off badly when Tintin is knocked unconscious aboard a mysterious ship and taken out to sea where bad guys intend to sink him to the bottom of the ocean. Of course, Tintin leads a good and lucky life, which takes a turn for the better when he comes across the ship's drunken' captain, Captain Haddock.

This book connects to almost all old mystery stories, Text-to-Text. It also connects to all the other Tintin books, but that's obvious. It connects to old mysteries because... well, it is an old mystery story. Also because the way the author makes you feel is like you're reading a mystery novel, not a graphic novel.

I gave this book three stars but I wanted to give it 3.5. I liked this book partially because it doesn't feel like a comic book, yet it's fun like a comic book. I usually don't like mystery books but with the Tintin stories I don't feel like I'm reading a book, much less a mystery. Although, somehow, I do feel like I'm reading a mystery comic. I would recommend this book to almost anyone. If you see it in the library, pick it up and read it.

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