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Sometimes, I really do hate myself for not reading the synopsis from time to time. Black City was one of these disappointments. I went in deeming that this was an action packed thriller/dystopian, while there was some action, this was more based around romance --forbidden love. I'm not trying to imply anything else apart from that I was expecting something totally different and took me some time to adjust ask recover from the confusion.

One minutes of awe for this cover please. *one minute passes* Lately, several covers have lived up to it's content, so near with my minute rant at this adorkable cover scheme. Redish pink and black. WOW. There is nothing better than these two colours to be on this cover. I still cannot really work out what that pink thing's could be multiple thing really, but I think it looks like a glass shattered flower. O__O

Told in dual points of view, Elizabeth Richards takes vampires, dystopian and romance into a 400 paged galore which keeps readers intent in a world of chaos and discord. I envy the author's writing skills as they manage to create something so intricate and unique that wouldn't seem too possible at a glance. Unlike some books, Black City exceeds with dreamy descriptions and in depth and intense writing and story lines.

I feel link I haven't done my one sentenced summaries in a long time, so here it is!
In the middle of a boiling war time, two teens on each side of the battle fall in love, they will stop at nothing to discover the dark secrets Black City holds to stay together.

I can't resist running my fingers thought the soft ash coating, the walls of the houses, staining my skin black. Black That's the colour of my world here: black streets, black buildings, black skies. Black everything. I've almost forgotten what colour looks like.

Natalie should not be thought of anything less than an independent, straight-minded person who is very passionate in what she believes. I never really consider her as a heroine, I treat her like my model, while she isn't a kick ass female, she manages so many unthinkable issues and plunges through smartly and realistically. Such a beautifully drawn character! Ash sped down to my annoying male characters list at the beginning, not just because I was out off by the vampirey element but also because of the way he thought people as, hungry for blood, no control whatsoever. However, as I went on, Ash became much more likeable and relatable. Another dark, mysteriously character!

The plotting of Black City was uneven, I felt like Elizabeth tried too hard in informing me on background information for the first half then decided to add a plot to cover for her forgotten element in a YA book. Definitely should've been better paced and smoothed. Contrary to this, I still enjoyed reading her idea!

Be prepared for some negative thoughts. ANOTHER instant love book. WHY?! This really does suck, thankfully, it got covered up a bit by the original dystopian world but I am seriously ticked off.
The following sentences may contain a spoiler**
From the moment Natalie and Ash meet, they literally start crushing hard, then they don't bother to play nice to each other till half way the through the book which is when Ash relieves that they're blood mates and start to make out because its suddenly okay. I'm weirded out by this, am I the only one?

Black City was a refreshing dystopian/romance/paranormal novel that left me wondering and confused. CLIFFHANGER ALERT! I recommend this book to lovers of a star crossed love and Starters By Lissa Price.
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message 1: by Jay (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jay You don't like vampires?

Melanie Yeah, I'm getting sick of them :/ I hope this is going to be an exception

Stacia (the 2010 club) that :/ doesn't look promising, but you can't decide that it could be a 4 it looks like? It was good enough then?

Melanie I've been in a impatient mood lately, though this will most likely be 4 stars when I get my thoughts and notes together, just really not in the mood for a review :/

Stacia (the 2010 club) It happens. Sometimes the mood isn't there.

message 6: by Jaquan (new)

Jaquan I want to read this so bad

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