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SEAL of Honor by Tonya Burrows
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Gabriel ‘Stonewall’ Bristow had a starling career as a Navy SEAL until an accident left him unfit for military duty. Sick and tired of his father pushing him into a desk job, Gabe accepts leadership of a private hostage rescue team. His first mission? To rescue Bryson Van Amee, a wealthy businessman who was taken by Colombian rebels. After assembling a team of retired but deadly individuals, they head to Columbia where a simple recon run turns into a disaster and Gabe is forced to kidnap a woman...

Who turns out to be none other than the fiery and sexy Audrey Van Amee. Once Gabe explains the situation, she puts her foot down and demands he let her help with recovering her brother. Audrey knows just the right way to push the otherwise serious and controlled ex-SEAL, because not only does he agree but soon enough the two have a hard time keeping their eyes and hands off each other. Let’s just say Gabe’s “tactical moves” will have you reaching for the nearest fan and setting it on high.

Delicious tension goes on whenever Gabe and Audrey are near and your heart can’t help but start racing in anticipation. Like, will they fight or devour each other? Either choice sounds deliciously good. Audrey is more than a match for the deadly Gabe and he’s strong enough to ground her impulsiveness. But will Gabe let go of his control, long enough to realize what he’s found? Or will he stick to protocol and do what’s right? We’ll, you’ll have to read to find that out!

Tonya Burrow’s debut SEAL of Honor is a scrumptious mix of military action, humor and romance.

As mentioned above, HORNET’s first mission takes them to Columbia and Burrows does an awesome job of keeping the spice and color of the place while still focusing on her very American entourage. Great descriptions everywhere without weighting it all down. Also, I want to shout a big thank you for doing the Spanish lines and dialogue correctly. It irks me so much when authors drop a line in Spanish that isn’t right, as if they just Googled the phrase. So, yes, thank you for using Spanish correctly.

Burrows weaved this story mercilessly. It’s complication after complication for our heroes and the question always is, how she will up the ante? I don’t know how, but she managed to raise the bar every single time with every single chapter. It was just amazing. I’m more than excited to continue this series and find out more about the other HORNET members—Travis ‘Achilles’ Quinn, Jean-Luc ‘Rajin Cajun’ Cavalier, Jesse Warrick the cowboy medic, Marcus Deangelo the smooth surfer, Eric ‘Harvard’ Psysick, and Ian Reinhardt the volatile bad boy. In this first book, there’s more than enough detail about the other boys to leave you begging for more. And I. AM. BEGGING.

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