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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling
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Feb 05, 2009

it was amazing
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Read 10 times. Last read December 25, 2013.

** spoiler alert ** Last read December 25th, 2013

Review from previous reading (November 29th, 2008 or possibly Feb 2nd, 2009):
This one didn't start out as slow as 4 and (Oh, GOD) 6 for me...which was surprising because I remembered it as being boring. In fact, I actually like the whole Harry-listens-in-to-Muggle-news thing. And Harry's so sarcastic and bitchy with Dudley at the beginning.

See, when I was 12 I read this book for the first time. Harry got on my nerves. He was a royal pain in the ass. But now I'm seventeen and I remember being 15. I remember getting on my own damn nerves with being so teenager-y and annoying. Now I can actually look at the book and realize that Harry's not half as annoying as I actually was at that age. (Although it still annoys me when he's a killjoy for Sirius...but that's a different thing all together.)

Feeling like I was on Harry's side (and everyone else's) made this book so more enjoyable than previous readings. I loved Sirius (as per usual - although, this reading, I felt very sad about how bitter he is throughout most of it. My poor dear.) I also love Lupin. The little that he's in here he's at his best. I love how he comforts Molly (not once, but twice!) and is generally awesome - especially reminiscing with James.

I LOATHE Umbridge just as much as I ever have and love Fred and George...*sigh*

The *characters* are the main focus of this one even more so than any of the others and I love it.

I even felt a little proud of Snape when Dumbledore was going over all he'd done for Harry.

I got a little sniffly (although I didn't cry, or even tear up) at the normal spots (not when Sirius dies but when Dumbledore and Harry discuss it...several times I get sniffly every time during that. It just destroys my soul.)

But....I miss Sirius.
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Lexie Weird

Spandana I couldn't agree more! I was 8 when I first read this book, and I found all of Harry's mood-swings completely bizarre. It was my least favourite book of the series for a few years. But now, at 15, reading this book is such a different experience. I've had countless 'teenager-y' fits over the past year or so, and my reasons seem so petty compared to Harry's. :P Yeah, I love how this book focuses on the characters. I can safely say that it is now my most favourite book in the series.
*sighs* Sirius... :'(

Asra Ghouse "I LOATHE Umbridge just as much as I ever have and love Fred and George...*sigh*"

Ah! That's the beauty of Rowling's style. She lets you 'feel' the characters!

As for Book 5, I don't understand why people like this book least of the lot. It is so rich in it's literary content and so deep and liberating in terms of the story.
Also, the fact that Harry was 15. You've put it so right about him feeling 'irritated'.

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