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Real World by Natsuo Kirino
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Feb 05, 2009

Natsuo Kirino's latest noir thriller, a grim look at teen culture, elicited varying reactions from critics. Kirino focuses intently on her characters' inner lives as she delves deeply into their nihilist worldviews and feelings of alienation. But some critics found the angst-ridden, self-absorbed teens melodramatic and unconvincing, their slang-studded dialogue often cringe-worthy. Tension mounts as narrators shift and events are gradually revealed from different perspectives; however, some reviewers considered the plot depressing and predictable. Instead of a suspenseful crime novel, Real World may function better as an examination of contemporary youth coming of age in a world of chat rooms, text messages, and reality TV who will cling to anything that connects them, however tenuously, to what they perceive as the "real" world.

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