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Wasted by Marya Hornbacher
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Feb 04, 2009

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Samira Lopes February 4, 2009
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I just finished reading, "Wasted" by Marya Hornbacher. It's a memoir that talks about her life story. By reading this book I learned that not everyone values food but food is what keeps the value of life alive.

This book is about a young girl named Marya Hornbacher. As she got older food has always been a problem for her. She wants to eat but doesn't because she's afraid she might gain weight. Her mother was always on a diet but ate well to keep herself healthy. Little by little Marya stated caring about food less. Her family and friends all noticed it but she always thought it was ok. Her parents soon sent her to therapy. While Marya attended therapy things got worse and she started caring less about her healthy and got herself into drugs and even closer to death. She became so skinny to the point that when she walked down the street people started looking at her as a walking skeleton. She knew things were wrong but she ignored it by telling herself everything is just fine. She knew that if she didn't start eating sooner or later that she would die. But through the entire struggle she made the decision to end it all and let go and start being who she really is and that weight shouldn't matter.

I would best describe this book as pages of a struggled life. As Marya spoke about how she looked at food and ignored it, it made me want to flip to the next page and not have to read about it. But then I just kept reading because the more pages I flipped through the more I learned about Marya's struggle in life. This book wasn't really detailed. It talks about how she starves herself and how everyone reacts to it but it doesn't say much. It repeats the issue a lot of times in different ways but it reminds us a little too much. For example on page 271 she says, "you're not eating enough, you're looking deadly ill again". Her and many others have told her about her eating disorder. To me it got a little boring when she kept repeating it.

I would not only recommend this book to teens my age but to anyone that has an eating disorder or anyone who has issues with eating. Anyone could read this book but the ones that actually deal with the same problem can read this book as a reflection of what they’re going through. If you read, “Cut” by Patricia McCormick you would also like “Wasted” because in both books the main characters go through rehab to deal with their problems. Rehab is a solution but in both “Cut” and “Wasted” the main characters had to deal with struggles on their own

In conclusion I enjoyed reading this book. It made me realize that people all around us deal with food disorder. And I have learned that if I’m walking down the street and I see someone not the same weight as me or not in a regular weight that I shouldn’t judge because we are all human. Everyone should be treated equally and our differences shouldn’t matter.

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