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Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen
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Feb 04, 2009

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Why do I keep reading parenting books? I don't like them that much. I'm usually just reading to find someone who validates my own ideas about how I should parent--and I'll never find a perfect match, because nobody else has ever had my daughter. I know her best and I need to trust my intuition. So if I'm just going to tune out the parenting books as soon as they say something I don't already know, what's the point in reading them?!

Still...the I'm-almost-2-years-old-now-and-I'm-mad-that-you-don't-understand-everything-I-want tantrums have been getting to me, so I picked this book up at the library. I liked the theoretical underpinnings of the book--that babies and toddlers see the world differently than their parents so their developmental stages need to be understood and respected, that non-punitive behavior-guidance methods work better and build better relationships than spanking and punishment, and that parents should work on both attachment and autonomy with their toddlers. So I was surprised when I got to the section on sleeping, eating and toileting, when the author advocated cry-it-out and said that breastfeeding is no better than formula feeding (and a number of other things that I didn't agree with).

*Sigh.* I just need to kick the parenting book habit, I think.
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message 1: by Kate (new)

Kate Or write your own! I think you would have great ideas that others would be interested in using to raise their children.

Hannah So... you pretty much summed up my thoughts on this book... except I only gave it two stars. :)

Marie For a baby born at term in a developed country, breastfeeding *is* no better than formula feeding. Or, more accurately, the benefits are so minuscule they're not worth talking about. This, from someone who just weaned her almost-two-year-old. I tend to agree with you on CIO, though (I did try, partly because of this book; it was horrible for everyone involved and it didn't even help).

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