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The Bridegroom by Linda Lael Miller
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Feb 04, 2009

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Read in August, 2009

Rating: 3.5 / 5

I think this book has ended up being my least favorite of the Stone Creek series so far. Not that I didn't like it. It was still a fairly good, very readable book, but I just didn't like it as much as some of the past books.

Series Note: this is the 5th book in the Stone Creek series, and 4 of which are historical western romances. This book may be able to be read alone, but there are a lot of continuing characters and references to past events. If you want to understand all that, I'd recommend starting at the beginning.

The Bridegroom features Gideon Yarbro, youngest brother of Rowdy (A Wanted Man) and Wyatt (The Rustler). Years ago when Gideon was just a teenager he met young Lydia Fairmont who had just lost her father and was off to live with an aunt she didn't know. Gideon gave her a letter he'd addressed to himself with a note inside saying she needed help and to come get her. He told her to mail the letter if ever such an occasion arose.

Years have passed and Gideon is now a college-educated agent for Wells Fargo, currently taking some time off for an independent assignment. He's to go undercover working at a mine to find out if the workers are really planning a strike or any other trouble. But just before he heads to Stone Creek, he receives a letter in the mail. The letter he wrote for Lydia years ago. Determined to keep the promise he made, he rushes to her.

Lydia is in dire financial straights. Her family - herself, two elderly spinster aunts, and a housekeeper - are about to lose everything. The only recourse she has is to marry the smarmy bank owner. But she doesn't want to marry him and in a fit of panic mailed Gideon's letter. She's not sure what to feel when he actually arrives several months later, just before her wedding.

Gideon does the only thing he can do when she won't give up on the plan to marry the bank man, he kidnaps her and takes her to Stone Creek. Where he soon realizes his actions have left him with only one choice: he must marry her. So he does, but with the intention of leaving once he finishes his job at the mine. It's not in him to love least he didn't think so. But when his emotions come in to play, everything changes. First, though, he must do something about the mine situation and deal with an unexpected threat.

There were two areas this book stumbled a bit for me. One was the whole thing with Gideon working undercover at the mine. Gideon was educated, had successful family in the area, a nice house to live in...yet he's working at the mine. It was rather silly, really. And even the characters in the book seemed to realize it didn't make much sense. So it made the plausibility and logic of the part of the story not make much sense and not very interesting to read.

Also, something about the romance in the book was a little flat...or something. I'm not really sure. Part of that is probably because Gideon was lying his ass off about everything, trying to hide his real job (why he was at the mine) and about other things...and I just hate it when there are big lies between the H/H of a romance novel. And there was this sort of constant push/pull going on between them, especially from Gideon. He would pull her close, then push her away, rinse, repeat. It got boring. And I just never really felt that solid connection between Gideon and Lydia that I've felt between the H/H's in the other Stone Creek books.

But all that didn't make me dislike the book, I just didn't like it as much as past books in the series. I did enjoy the fact that the past H/H's had roles in the story, and there were some big events involving them. It's always great to catch up on characters I enjoyed...especially Rowdy and Lark (A Wanted Man)...I loved that book. And there's a great family element to the story/series. So the book did have it's good points. I just thought the romance and story could have been better.
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