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The Highly Sensitive Child by Elaine N. Aron
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Feb 04, 2009

it was amazing

Highly sensitive individuals are those born with a tendency to notice more in their environment and deeply reflect on everything before acting, as compared to those who notice less and act quickly and impulsively. As a result sensitive people, both children and adults, tend to be empathic, smart, intuitive, creative, careful, and conscientious (they are aware of the effects of a misdeed, and so are less likely to commit one). They are also more easily overwhelmed by "high volume" or large quantities of input arriving at once. They try to avoid this, and thus seem to be shy or timid. When they cannot avoid overstimulation, they seem "easily upset" and too sensitive. Although HSP's notice more, they do not necessarily have better eyes, ears, sense of smell or taste buds(although some do report having at least one sense that is very keen.) Mainly their brains process information more thoroughly. This processing is not just in the brain, however, since HSP children or adults have faster reflexes (a reaction usually from the spnal cord), are more affected by pain, medications, and stimulants, and have more reactive immune systems. In a sense their entire body is designed to detect and understand more precisely whatever comes in. So of course HSP's probably will not like the loud Mariachi band in the mexican restaurant, noisy birthday parties, playing fast paced team sports, or everyone watching while they give an answer in class. But if you need a guitar tuned, a clever idea for party favors, a witty play on words, or to win a game like chess that requires anticipating consequences or noticing subtle differences, your HSP is the one to have around. Lets go farther inside the mind of your HSP. Yes he/she notices more, but he/she may have a "specialty." Some tune in to social cues, mainly noticing moods. Some focus on Relationships...
He is so mature for his age. Thinks too much. Her feelings are so easily hurt. She cries for other kids when they are teased or hurt.
70% HSP's are Introverts. 30% are Extroverts. Usually trained to be outgoing by family.
HSP's are marvelously aware, caring and sensitive. nightmares, intense emotions, vivid dreams, results in outbursts or shyness.
Another interesting point is that HSP's have more than likely had a "mystic" or spiritual experience even before learning about God or Religion. Whether in the form of meeting angels, praying, visions, hearing voices. Yet studies have shown they are sane and normal and tend to be a great influence on the world once they channel their spiritual awareness or harness their faith...
As a parent you have been given the task of raising an exceptional child...
This book really resonated with me. Learning so much more about myself. Overwhelmed. That was a word I have felt a couple of times in my life and always wondered what it meant and what was happening.
This book helped to make sense of me.

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message 1: by Anais (new) - added it

Anais Brooks Wow! My behavior makes sense now! I must read this book to try to be a better mom to my young kids, who may be highly sensitive also.

message 2: by Jules (new) - added it

Jules Your review sounds like me personified. Stumbled across this but really must read this book to understand me more now!

Erika I only just discovered this book and the concept of high sensitivity, indeed on the same day as having another meeting at school about my 10-year-old daughter who have problems working in her rowdy classroom. It explains so much: about her AND myself!

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