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Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris
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it was amazing
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This book is a relentless attack on Christianity and raises a lot of good points. For instance – religious people claiming to be moral preach against condom use when AIDS is killing millions. Why are they so obsessed about abortion and not about genocide in Darfur? Why are they opposed to gun control - would Jesus carry a gun? Why do they believe so adamantly in books written centuries ago – in texts that promote slavery?

Sam Harris explores many of these issues and more. Religion destroys our ability to reason and warps the soul.
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message 1: by Caroline (last edited Apr 22, 2013 05:52AM) (new)

Caroline It sounds like he sweeps with a rather broad brush. Whilst the Catholic church 'line' is against condom usage, I'm sure a lot of Protestant and other religions support the policy of advocating it. I also would think that the majority of Christians (certainly in the UK) would vehemently support gun control. There are also lots of Christian practitioners (certainly here in the UK), who do not blindly follow the Bible, but interpret it in the light of the times in which is was written.

Sam Harris seems to be addressing fundamentalist religions. I don't know to what degree these make up the church-going proportion of the population. That would be interesting to know. Certainly I view fundamentalists as extremely warped in their beliefs and viewpoints....and I think the Catholic Church's stance on condom usage is wicked. But I think there are a lot of *normal* Christians out there with much more balanced views.

Mikey B. I agree that some of these atheist types can be almost like "atheist fundamentalists", but I do like the fact that they speak out against organized religion - and the taboo surrounding anything critical of organized church.
But by being so judgmental they (the atheists) are alienating those who are on the fence (liberal Christians)

His book is addressed to the U.S. - as per title. In the U.S. over 50% of the population does not believe in evolution (not sure how accurate these are, but see below) - and many believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible. Political candidates often bring up their religious beliefs - and the lack of religious belief's of their opponent - witness the smear on Obama as to whether he was a true Christian, a Muslim...

one article from the UK press


So in some ways I say Thank God for people like Sam Harris who present an alternative.

message 3: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Ah....this is addressed to America. That explains a lot. I have read the frightening statistics about support for Creationism in the States, and wholly understand people wanting to fight that viewpoint tooth and nail.

I had not heard the furore about Obama's religious persuasion. Sheesh! What a load of codswallop speculating.

In the light of whom the book is addressed to, it sounds a good addition to American bookshelves....

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