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it was amazing
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5 Stars

"Roll. Tap. Tap."

For those of you that have read the first book in the series, The Marbury Lens by Andrew Smith, this one, Passenger, will take you on a journey, an endless exploration, of the mind, and of the world. And all the while our main protagonist Jack will be there, egging us on, messing with our mind, and pulling our strings… Fuck Jack!

Queue the narrator, pan out to see a ..land, and on this ..land, all of our returning heroes, Jack, Ben, Griffin, and Henry. Now you hear our hear our narrator say, “Previously on Lost” ….images, images, images, action, killing, jump forward, jump backward, jump, ????, 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42… and then the crescendo, the massive crash of drum and bass. You see I found that this series is so much like the amazing TV series Lost…including the main hero being named Jack. Freaking Sweet.

I enjoyed tML book one in the series the first time I read it through, and I loved it after I reread it a week ago. Passenger, book two, blows away the first and expands everything in ways that will leave your head in a twisted up, messed up knot. You will reread parts as you go because you will want to pick up on the subtle nuances, the clues, and the repetition. Andrew Smith’s writing is both stylish and full of quality. His story telling make reading a fun way to pass some time.

““There was always a peculiar weight to the Marbury lens. It wasn’t from gravity; it came from something else wasn’t from gravity; it came from something else altogether. And even though the lens was dead to me now, I could still feel the heaviness it contained when Griffin placed the fragment onto my open palm. And as soon as he did, the boy whispered a hushed “What the fuck, Jack?”
Then the world went red, as if I were looking at it through a glass of wine.
Ben turned and stared at me. His mouth hung open, and when I lifted my hand in front of us, everything began to change, dissolve before our eyes; like being back in that garage on the day I smashed the lens.
Something pulled me up, by my hand, like it was on a string.
Ben and Griffin, the Hunters, the wreckage in front of us, the endless scorched nothingness of Marbury, all of it began smearing together in the red light, melting, liquefying.”

Let me start by saying that this series to me is the Twilight / Hunger Games books for boys and for men. This is a series geared for the YA crowd but only for those that have the stomach for the gore, the patience for a blurry reality, and the demeanor to handle lots of sex, violence, and vulgarity. In a nutshell the perfect read for the immature man, or growing teen age boy. There is plenty for girls to like in this too, I just thought that it was worth the time to point out how this is the Twilight series for boys. This is a dark and disturbing series that is a head trip of multiple realities, fucked up worlds, and killings. It is filled with monsters and bugs, guns and knives, and filled with a vast cast of sickos and assholes. Of course if that is not enough, it is also a coming of age story for our young male cast.

A snippet that gives you the feel:

* * *
“The first time Quinn showed me that thing in the sky, I knew it had something to do with me. Or, more likely, that I had something to do with it.
I felt it.
It was like a wound, a stab, an incision that somehow cuts through all the layers, stack after stack after stack, piercing all the insides and outsides that collapse down and converge at the center of Jack’s universe.
And here I am now, standing with my hand open in front of Quinn Cahill’s face. I accept it.
I accept the fact that I fucked up—that all of this isn’t happening to me—it’s happening because of me.
I knew it all along.
I knew it when I was tied to a fucking bed at Freddie Horvath’s house.
But I just didn’t want to think about it.
* * *
I open my hand.
The light comes first. It is always the light, and then the sound.
Of course the mark is the same. Everyone can see that.
The scar in my hand.
The hole in the sky.
The center of the universe.
The boys are saying something. I can’t hear them. We are standing inside a thousand jet engines, beneath a churning wall of water that endlessly crashes upon sawtoothed rocks.
And I am looking directly through my fucking hand.
I am looking directly through.
The boys are saying something.
Quinn is screaming.
He’s afraid.
Fucking prick should have left me alone.
So I am looking.
In my bathroom, at Wynn and Stella’s house, a house that is in a place called Glenbrook, the mirrored door of Jack’s medicine cabinet opens in such a way that I could put my head between the door and the larger mirror above the sink, where Wynn taught me how to shave before I ever needed to. And there would be an infinity of layers there, accordioned together, blurring away into dark blue nothingness ahead of me, behind me, and I am the center.
That’s what this looks like now.”
* * *

This book is a no hold barred trip down a very dark rabbit hole that sucked me in. I loved this book!! I had so much fun hearing Jack repeat to himself over and over again that “This is it”, and “Fuck Jack”. I applaud the boldness of Andrew Smith in leaving so many questions unanswered, to leaving things to the reader to perceive, and to wrap things up with complete closure, or no closure at all depending on your point of view. Does this sound familiar to you? Yep. Like I said earlier, this book shares a great deal with ABC’s Lost, a show that I loved and that I miss today. This is a quality Young Adult series that will clearly appeal to the boys and should have a great following too. I highly recommend it.

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Shayna Jaliegh He's writing another so I hear (:

Jason I hope so I really enjoyed reading these books multiple times.

Shayna Jaliegh I read in an interview that he has ideas for another, so I am crossing my fingers and toes! I also love these books, I tell all my friends to read them (:

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