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Destiny Kills by Keri Arthur
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Jan 29, 2009

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bookshelves: smut, fantasy-urban

In Destiny Kills, Keri Arthur takes a detour into a more unexplored part of urban fantasy. A world where dragons are hidden among us.

Destiny McKree wakes up naked on a shore with the body of the man she knows to be her lover, Egan, lying dead beside her. She knows she has to wait for dawn in order to send him to the sky, but she doesn't know why. She can't remember her name, she doesn't know were she is and she can't shake the feeling that she must stay hidden, stay alive, keep running.

After dawn has taken her lover with mysterious words that fell from her lips, she steals a set of clothes and ends up being pursued the local police officer who was checking out the tale of a dead body on the beach. It is only with the help of Trae Wilson that she manages to escape and it's not the way she thought she would. He shifts into the form of an air dragon, lifting her out over the sea in order to escape. It is then that she realises that her world is more than what it seems.

Trae, however, isn't the perfect gentleman. He's a happy theif who reluctently agreed to try to help his brother and Destiny, but isn't happy when he finds out Egan is dead. Even as he agrees to help Destiny, she finds her memory coming back in slivers and chunks. She remembers being in a lab, being tested on and escaping with Egan. She remembers the hunters and killing a man. It is with these memories that she remembers the promise she made to rescue those she left behind at the lab and the need to be by her fathers side as he died, so he could be properly given to the sky.

Trying to complete two tasks might mean she completes neither, especially if the hunters catch her. With Trae's help, they might make it out alive.

Over all, I enjoyed the book. A bit more fluffy than Keri's Guardian novels, but it has the potential for more. This book is more about world building than character depth, so I'll be happy to read the next book to see where it takes me.

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