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Copper Sun by Sharon M. Draper
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Jan 29, 2009

This book was about a African girl named Amari who lived peacefully in her village, untill the pale strangers came. It was from there her life changed, her village was killed, except for a few survivors but they were captured and shipped to the New Land. On the ship Amari was raped and so were the other women. Once the journey on the ship was over, they were auctioned off and another was about to begin. Amari s sold he Mr. Derby who was a very strict master. She decides to run away with her new companion, Polly. But Mr. Derby's son is aware of their disappearance, and goes search for them. Will they escape freely, or will they get caught and get executed?

While reading this book I made a text to world connection. There are many in the world where people are stereotypic and favor or take advantage of a certain gender, race, and skin color. In this book, the strangers just invaded and that wasn't theirs, and killed Amari's people as if they were just farm animals, raised to be killed for a purpose. Also, on the ship they gave the women more time on the deck than the men, but only because they favored the women more than the men.

I rate this book 5 stars because I thought the book was full of conflict in every chapter which made it very tense. Also, all the characters seemed very alive and in some degree, they suffered from a life changing event (The slaves anyway). Lastly, it was the first time I read and didn't fall asleep from reading :D.

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