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Let It Snow by John Green
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Jan 28, 2009

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Myracle's writing was not up to her usual standards here. Poor dialogue, clichéd pre-Christmas breakup and post-Christmas reconciliation, and a character that would have put a stereotypical cheerleader to shame in regards of her brain (or lack of, in this case.) Addie—a name I am very fond of, just different spelling—was a complete nut. Half the time, she was too forced. The other half, she was too chipper. I'm no pessimist, but her forced chirpiness was too much. I just don't think short stories are Myracle's strongest.

Green's writing, as usual, is mixed with a touch of humor. Loved the protagonist; wished I had a best friend like him. Hated the nickname of Duke, but then again, Angie would have sounded even worse.

I was skeptical about reading Johnson's short story. To be honest, all that praise about her previous books was completely lost on me. I've read every one of them, hoping to recognize that spark that most critics see in her books, but none of them stood out to me. This story is no different. It's typical, except for the name Jubilee and her constant obsession that people automatically assume she's a hooker (where does this idea even come from, anyway? Nothing about Jubilee spells hooker—it sounds more like a brand of ice pops: “I'll have the jubilee icy, please.” See? Has a nice ring to it.) Her writing and ideas are overall, just average.
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