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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
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Aug 12, 2007

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy
Recommended for: everyone who's read the previous books


I must say that the time waiting for the book was a lot more torturous than the actual read. there were all those forums and newsletters wondering 'would harry live or die?' 'is snape good or bad?' 'what if hogwarts burns to the ground and everyone dies?!' and furthermore, 'how long would it take for spoilers to come out in the media and from random mean people?'

The book didn't arrive on my doorstep till the following week 'cause I chose free shipping at amazon, but miraculously enough I avoided all spoilers. the ones on my newsletter were easy enough by just scrolling real fast with my hand on the monitor as the thread appeared and disappeared. this easy avoidance of spoilers had me worried the book had no thrills whatsoever. especially reading enough at first to know people liked the book. no one would like if Harry were dead.

I was not one of those fast readers who finished it in about one second. no, it took me about four days which is a miracle to me. I fell asleep a lot during the camping phase of the story... well, at least till Harry had to jump in and get the sword and Ron showed back up. that made me loosen up a bit.. become one with the characters again. for awhile, it was just a surface read. see, I also wasn't one of the ones who reread the old books before starting, so I really needed a refresher on some of the lesser characters thus stopped in the midst of reading several times to google this info. at least I read enough threads from those who did read the other books over again, to keep certain clues in mind for the big finale.

Towards the end, when things heated up, I got a tad worried for Harry 'cause his death would seem courageous and the whole walking ghosts beside him through the woods bit really brought a tear to my eye.. this would be acceptable to all who read if he died this way, right? I thought about having to walk in (since it was around 6am by this time) with a tear in my eye to say Harry died. this idea sounded pathetic, but c'mon, climatic bit! too early to still be awake and reading! the Dumbledore appearance in 'his head'! (I liked this line most of all: "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" mom constantly tries to tell me that there isn't a difference between your inner world and your outer world.. what's the difference? what difference would it make if all life were just one big dream? anyway, I won't get too philosophical with this, but beyond what certain people may've thought about how Dumbledore was brought back to talk to Harry -- I had read this wasn't necessary -- I really enjoyed it)

So yes, it may've been a bit weak to bring Harry back from possible death, but I'd rather Harry live and get his happy ending than naught. I mean, who would've defeated Voldemort otherwise?

One small issue I had--though I am happy I got the Trust Snape sticker at Borders.. I knew better!-- was that Snape wasn't brought to rest at the end. he was just left apparently at Whomping Willow. does this mean he could possibly still be alive? ..the epilogue kind've proves otherwise though. I felt after all he did, he deserves more respect than just to have a namesake. I felt the most compassion for him during 'The Prince's Tale' chapter especially.

Beyond that, I didn't regret reading it (since I didn't really have any real wants and needs beyond the quality of the writing) or throw it across the room as apparently some people did (wtf?). one day I'll reread all the books again since I hear it's fun to see how connected they all really are. I think that's brilliant. this is the best children's / YA series I've ever had the chance of reading and am glad I picked it up when I did even if I didn't grow up with Harry.
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