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Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan
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really liked it
bookshelves: 2012, adventure, ya, favorites, fantasy, dash-of-romance, heartbreaking-stories
Recommended to Susana by: Isa Lavinia
Recommended for: Readers that appreciate inteligent dialogue and quirky characters
Read 2 times. Last read October 31, 2012 to November 3, 2012.

2nd Re-Read : October, 7th
Still as good as the first time I read it! :)
This book has one of the most intriguing plots allied with a vast, vast number of quirky characters, that I've ever encountered in a story.

In fact, I've never encountered such a number of strange, a little out of this world, lovable characters! It was great!

There's Kami, our fearless reporter: "Kami had been hearing a voice in her head all her life. When she was eight, people had thought it was cute that she had an imaginary friend. It was very different now that she was seventeen. Kami was accustomed to people thinking she was crazy"

Kami's best friend, Angela, who really likes to take naps “Nap,” Angela finished, in the reverent tones of a knight who has finally spotted the Holy Grail Then she may be considered as a little anti-social:“What are these people doing here, Kami? You know I don’t like people.”

Kami's dad, Jon who is just O.o :“Stay away from him. Stay away from them all until you’re of marrying age. Once you reach a nice, mature fifty-four, gentlemen callers will be welcomed here.” Great character! lol

Kami's brothers:

What Kami says about Tomo: “The current theory is that he is a lemonade vampire."

Then there's Ten( the poor kid is ten years old): “I am considering becoming a vegetarian,” he announced in a low voice.
“Not that this isn’t excellent and nutritious,” he told Mum, blinking worriedly. “But I might owe it to my conscience.”

Kami's friend, Holly: “I used to have an imaginary friend when I was seven,” Holly contributed. “A unicorn called Princess Zelda.”

Angela's brother, Rusty, who really likes the notion of free meals: Rusty collapsed back on the hearthrug. “Have fun, and don’t be home late. I get dinner out of babysitting, right?”

Then there's Jared: “Hark,” he said, his tone very dry. “What stone through yonder window breaks?”
Kami yelled up at him, “It is the east, and Juliet is a jerk!”

Kami has known Jared for most of her life. He has been literally a voice in her head, since always. So when these two finally see each other in the flesh, the shock is of epic proportions...

Their reaction to one another felt too viscerally violent, at least to me it did...
They've known each other forever, and all of a sudden they can't even stand to touch one another (well, one of them..).

There was one thing I would have liked if it had been sorted out: (view spoiler)
And then there was the attack on (view spoiler) Or did I miss something?

Also could have done without the attempted love triangle. Ash was just...(I'm twitching my nose, and making scary faces...)

And then there was that FINALE....WTH???? I was not a happy reader when I read that last page(and although I understand it, it doesn't mean that I have to like it, though!)

And then there was that spoiler, that I read concerning the next book O.o know what? I'm completely clueless, right now!
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Quotes Susana Liked

Sarah Rees Brennan
“Hark,” he said, his tone very dry. “What stone through yonder window breaks?”
Kami yelled up at him, “It is the east, and Juliet is a jerk!”
Jared abandoned Shakespeare and demanded, “What do you think you’re doing?”
“Throwing a pebble,” said Kami defensively. “Uh… and I’ll pay for the window.”
Jared vanished and Kami was ready to start shouting again, when he reemerged with the pebble clenched in his fist. “This isn’t a pebble! This is a rock.”
“It’s possible that your behaviour has inspired some negative feelings that caused me to pick a slightly overlarge pebble,” Kami admitted.”
Sarah Rees Brennan, Unspoken

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October 31, 2012 – Started Reading
October 31, 2012 – Shelved
October 31, 2012 –
page 30
8.04% "Quirky characters!:) Me likes!\n \n “Why am I in a cupboard?”\n “There are only two important things for us to discuss right now,” Kami said. “The first is that to be a success, our newspaper requires a photographer.”\n “What’s the other thing?”\n “He’d be excellent decoration for our headquarters,” Kami said. “You have to admit, he’s very good-looking, and I need a\n photographer, so can I keep him, please, oh, please?”"
November 1, 2012 –
page 50
13.4% "I want to make an ODE to this AMAZING book! :D\n The whole book is quotable!!\n \n “Alternate plan,” Jared said. “Do you have a very intelligent collie who might communicate through a system of barks to your parents that little Kami is in the well?”\n Kami closed her eyes and leaned her cheek against the wet planes of Jared’s collarbone. “We’re going to die.” Something else dawned on her. “And where is your shirt?”"
November 1, 2012 –
page 120
32.17% "Curious to see what is going to happen between these two...\n \n "Jared shot a look over his shoulder as she did so. 'There’s a card up in your little sweetshop advertising Pomeranian cross\n puppies free to a good home', he observed.\n 'What’s your point?'\n 'I’m not a puppy', said Jared. 'You can’t give me away.'\n Kami and Jared were still arguing in their heads when they reached Mr. Prendergast’s office.""
November 1, 2012 –
page 130
34.85% "Everybody's insane :D\n \n “Why are you putting on lip gloss, my daughter?” Dad asked. “Trip to the library? Trip to the nunnery? I hear the nunneries are nice this time of year.”\n “Not a date; I still remember Claud,”Rusty said(..)“I forbid it.”\n “You introduced me to Claud,”\n (..)\n “Is this true, Kami? Are you going out on a date?” Dad asked tragically.“Wearing that? Wouldn’t you fancy a shapeless\n cardigan instead?""
November 1, 2012 –
page 200
53.62% ":D\n “Hark,” he said, his tone very dry. “What stone through yonder window breaks?”\n Kami yelled up at him, “It is the east, and Juliet is a jerk!”\n Jared abandoned Shakespeare and demanded, “What do you think you’re doing?”\n “Throwing a pebble,” said Kami \n (..)“This isn’t a pebble! This is a rock.”\n “It’s possible that your behavior has inspired some negative feelings caused me to pick a slightly overlarge pebble,”"
November 3, 2012 – Shelved as: 2012
November 3, 2012 – Shelved as: adventure
November 3, 2012 – Shelved as: ya
November 3, 2012 – Shelved as: favorites
November 3, 2012 – Shelved as: fantasy
November 3, 2012 – Finished Reading
October 8, 2014 – Shelved as: dash-of-romance
October 8, 2014 – Shelved as: heartbreaking-stories

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message 1: by Galatea (new)

Galatea (Γαλάτεια) Pq a maioria dos tradutores "mata" o sentido do texto original?!?... maybe? Lembra a discussão ótima do outro dia, que começou exatamente com essa questão?... =) =)

message 2: by Patrícia (new)

Patrícia Depende dos tradutores, claro. :P

Susana O que eu queria dizer é que, com tantos livros YA que hoje em dia são editados, é pena que este livro ainda não tenha chegado ao mercado português. Os personagens são mesmo quirky e interessantes ;)
Existem livros que eu adoro ler em português, simplesmente porque os livros traduzidos têm mais piada do que em inglês. Como foi o caso das séries da Amelia Peabody e do Marco Didio Falco editadas há muitos anos pela Gótica. De facto, ainda não acabei de ler as séries em inglês, _especialmente a da Lyndsey Davies (? engano-me sempre a escrever o nome da senhora! Já é erro crónico!!) _ porque aquilo em inglês dá-me uma trabalheira! o.O

message 4: by Patrícia (new)

Patrícia Susana, concordo contigo, estava a responder à Galathea. xD Sorry. Acho que alguns tradutores são muito bons e fazem um óptimo trabalho... mas outros *shivers* :)

Susana Sim, temos o oito e o oitenta no que diz respeito a tradutores. De facto, como a Galathea referiu, nós estivemos a comentar num thread, acerca do pobre trabalho que a senhora que traduziu uns livros da J. R. Ward fez no livro "A sombra da Vingança". o.O
Aquele ( não sei se te lembras) em que "Body-cast" foi traduzido para "corpete empenado"! lol

Ah sim e num romance histórico, (acho que se passava no séc. XVI) a rapariga estava stressada!

Pois, infelizmente hoje em dia, a balança pende um pouco mais para o lado negativo que positivo...pelo menos em relação aos livros que leio.
Apesar de tudo, por vezes tenho saudades (ah!) de ler um livro traduzido.

message 6: by Galatea (new)

Galatea (Γαλάτεια) Oh, meninas, não liguem prá mim... eu só tava botando lenha no fogo. Tenho lido muito livro bom e bem traduzido (mas tudo a ver com antropologia e história, por causa do meu trabalho, e tb pq geralmente é muito caro importar no original :/, mas, sempre que posso, leio esses tb na língua original). Não queria falar mal de novo dos tradutores... ;-)

Susana Eu acho que quem costuma ler os meus updates ou mesmo as minhas reviews, já está mais que habituado a ouvir-me resmungar acerca das traduções!! LOL Sou eu, e o meu gato. Tenho um gato bébé (ainda não fez seis meses) que parece um miúdo a fazer birra se não lhe dão o que querem...daí o nome Resmungas! E eu, daqui a pouco também sou conhecida como a Susana Resmungas que está sempre a resmungar das traduções!!
Por isso não te preocupes com isso Galathea! :) E é sempre óptimo falarmos ;)
Espero bem que não seja por uma questão de tradução que o livro ainda não foi traduzido em português. :(

Eu apenas fiz aquele comentário, porque gostei bastante do livro, e gostava que a autora tivesse sucesso aqui em Portugal. Mas realmente, se for para ser mal traduzido, mais vale nem ser publicado!!

message 8: by Patrícia (new)

Patrícia Oh Galathea, no probs, eu concordo! Há por aí traduções horríveis, mesmo! Agora isso é porque as editoras também pegam no primeiro que lhes aparece à frente, mesmo que não tenha formação em tradução. Se dá uns toques na língua a traduzir está contratado... é mais barato, sim, mas depois as traduções ficam... eh, más. O que não quer dizer que tradutores com formação não cometam erros também, claro. :)

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